I Bet You Can Hear God Speak

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]A[/su_dropcap]cross this screen, we are not so far away from one another. Hundreds of miles can separate us, making it difficult to wrap our arms around each other in person. But uniting of hearts isn’t something we’re in the business of doing on our own. So miles don’t matter, really.

I bet you can hear God speak

I have spent this day unpacking duffels and doing laundry–and tossing a lacrosse ball back and forth at the park. Not important things, maybe. But this is: I need to tell you how I believe we see and hear God when we claim what is ours to do with Him. I have friends who crave to hear God’s voice but doubt He speaks to them, only because they think they haven’t heard it yet. They believe God speaks to other people, sure, but not to them.

I don’t believe this.

Just because we may not have recognized God’s voice doesn’t mean He hasn’t spoken to us.

We have all been given different gifts and personalities, and we are not going to hear the Father the way another person does. But I believe that the God who created each one of us is a communicator, a connector, a relationship-builder. He made us, and He likes us. He loves to hang out and be with us. He does not love from afar.

His own hands cradled the dirt He made, and His breath gave Adam life. When we long to hear Him speak, we must remember that God is more than language, than words, than thoughts formed within a human heart. He is a God of experiences. He loves to experience this Life with us.

I am reading through the Old Testament now and I am humbled by the closeness of God with us, His interaction with the prophets, His caring about the details of our lives. I try to soak up the truth of the Father’s intimacy with us. Everything points to love. Everything points to Jesus. When Jesus died, His Spirit stayed to be within us. I wonder if one of the first keys to hearing the Holy Spirit’s words is to trust that the Spirit of the living God is truly in us. When we say ‘yes’ to Christ, His Spirit is here.

Speech is translated through the language of our heart with the Father. He has designed each of us to love to do certain things–experience life, uniquely, unlike anyone else. And we need to trust Him. The things He puts on our hearts to do can be the words He speaks.

What has God put on your heart to do?

God’s words to our hearts are a language unique to each of us. And it takes the desire to know the language He speaks–intimately, specifically, to each one of us–to open the doors of our hearts to understand what He loves to say.

I am convinced to this: We hear Him when we are stretched, beyond ourselves, to do what only He, in us, can do.

I may hear Him in words that come out translated into language upon a page. And it is the most beautiful love language, and precious to me, because for most of my life–as much as I have always loved words, and reading and writing–I didn’t believe I had a thing to say. In the very place where I felt the most wounded and insecure, God spoke love and truth.  But I have to choose to believe it, sisters.

I  have to choose to believe God is in me, desiring to speak to me. I must choose to believe this everyday.

I must choose to believe God speaks to me. I must choose to believe this everyday.

What experience is He calling you into, with Him, to experience His intimacy, His love language, to you? Sometimes, the first time we hear Him speak is when we let Him in to do the hard work of healing past wounds.

We choose to let Him in.

And sometimes, the first time we hear Him speak is when we are surrendering completely, relying utterly on His own strength in us to complete a task, set out on an adventure. We know we don’t have what it takes on our own. And rather than feel discouraged, we feel free. That is His voice. Freedom. We hear it, and we are emboldened–encouraged, steadfast, sure.

We hear Him when we do things that are too big for us, alone, to do.

How you hear Him may be so similar to how I do–or it may be completely different. But it comes down to trusting Him, believing that you are loved so much that, through the experiences you have with Him, He is communicating.

He wants to remind us who we are, with Him.

He wants to be in community with us.

He wants to have us trust Him and go on adventures with Him, so that we can experience His love and hear His voice in our hearts.

God’s heart is not silent.  He loves us too much to not connect and say “hey.”

How do you hear God best?  How do you experience His voice in you?

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  • I’ve come to realize God communicates with me better with action rather than words. Of course, when He really wants to tell me He is there, He’ll give me songs. He always loves to serenade me, I’ve noticed.

  • I love this because I’ve been where your friends were and it’s so comforting to read that God isn’t always audible. To know he’s speaking to me through the things He’s having me do and in the ways He’s pushing me out of my comfort zone. He is speaking. I just have to choose to listen in more ways than one.

  • I need to make a conchious effert to keep my mind on Jesus and listen to him when he is speaking to me.

  • I have heard God communicate to me when I was at my lowest point. When I didn’t want to go on living and just wanted to die. My heart was broken into a billion pieces and I didn’t know if the damaged that was done could be repaired. But, I cried out to the Lord to help me because the pain was so excruciating that it hurt to breath. But, my God was with me and guided me through the pain. He showed me in the scriptures that He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. It has been a year since the bottom fell out of my life and as I look back I can see how God has been with me, he even put my tears in a bottle Psalms 56:8. His words are living words and they healing words, comforting you as you read. When I decided to let go and allow him to do the things that I couldn’t do and the strength he gave me each day. I am so thankful and eternally grateful and his awesomeness. God is true to his word that he will supply all your needs. I am a 60 years old and no longer work but God has made a way for me. I prayed to him and ask him that I didn’t want to pay rent and he did that I am on Section 8 and this year after my inspection I received a letter from them that said 0.00 no rent. Only God could do that. Not only that but I had money deposited into my account that I know this business shouldn’t be giving me money, but God can do anything and once I believe and allow him to work in my life everything just fell into place. I am worry free and the peace that God has given me is just amazing. Just let God do his work in you and believe, have faith.

    • Dear Wanda, you are light shining here, dear one. I am so grateful for how He lives in you and you bring His life, flowing through you, to others! Bless you, sister!

  • God has 2 things on my To-Do list.
    1. Thrive
    2. To start a blog where I talk about his scriptures and his truth.

    I am still unsure what the “Thrive” means….but I hope that one day I will understand or that God will fill in the blanks. And as for the blog, I have just started that a couple of months ago. I feel that God wants me to “share his truth” as he said it to me….and through a blog, I have been doing that, I hope.

    Thank you for the inspirational read and I am following your blog and will definitely be back!!

    • I have been praying on blogging for a while now too but have been unable to really go through with that particular plan. I think it’s great to hear that you’re doing that! When I hear the word, thrive, I’m reminded a lot about this spring and how I’m just starting to see the flowers and the grass turning green and I think that this is the start of something really great. Perhaps, this blog of yours is God’s was of saying this is your jumping off point to thrive.

      • Dear Sara, what a beautiful encourager you are. I love your words to Dena, sister. You are so kind. I love to know more about your desire to blog. I wonder what God is putting on your heart to do with Him?

        • I love to encourage people. I felt like God has called me to, though I’m unsure as to how I can use encouragement to be successful. I really love words and have wanted to blog about scripture verses for a long time. I need to start taking the time to find out where to go to do that.

    • Dear Dena, I am so excited for you and this adventure you are on! Keep going, girl! Keep listening and trusting that whisper in your heart to know Him more. I pray His blessing on you as you follow Him and write!