Worship Might Be Dancing in the Streets, or Something Else Too

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]W[/su_dropcap]e do these things in the dark, sometimes. Before our heart awakens, drumming against our chest. Then we know we are setting out into a new space—wide open space with God.


We are made to love certain things. You may have an affinity for sewing, or singing, running, or keeping a calm head under pressure. You may love time by yourself to think, or maybe you just can’t get enough of a crowd around you, the voices of others infusing you with energy and inspiration. Or, again, maybe you love both, sometimes.

Because of the particular things you love to do, and the particular way in which you love to do them, you see the world differently from those around you. You have had unique experiences, wounds, life lessons, and adventures that no one else has. And for this reason, the way you worship God with your life is going to look different from anyone else.

What does worship look like for you? What visual do you have in your mind when you even hear the word?

When I think of worship I think of David dancing, with exuberance and unselfconsciousness, before God.

David was unashamed. He was unreserved. He was all in and responded to the love he felt for his Father. He couldn’t imagine holding anything back.

And David danced before the Lord with all his might. And David was wearing a linen ephod.  So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and with the sound of the horn (2 Samuel 6:14).

When David was criticized by Michal, Saul’s daughter, for his impassioned dancing in the streets with the population, worshipping God and celebrating the return of the Ark of the Covenant, David responded with words to her that revealed not only his confidence in his actions, but his confidence in the truth of who he was, in the eyes of his Father.

It was before the Lord, who chose me above your father and above all his house, to appoint me as prince over Israel, the people of the Lord—and I will celebrate before the Lord. I will make myself yet more contemptible than this, and I will be abased in your eyes (2 Samuel 6: 21-22).

“David danced with all his might,” without reservation or hesitation. His heart responded to his love and praise for God, and he danced in the street, holding nothing back–without caring what he looked like to the skeptics.

I imagine this kind of worship is what makes us most alive, confident, joy-filled, and free.

We will displease some people with our worshipping, with our exuberant giving up our whole selves to worship God. And our worshipping doesn’t necessarily mean dancing.  Most importantly, true worship is our responding to God’s heart for us. True worship requires owning whom God has made us to be. It means caring more about realizing our true identity, in God, with our lives, rather than caring about the opinion of others.

So, we must.

True worship

True worship is opposed by this world, a world with an enemy who doesn’t want children of God to live their lives surrendered–to worship, to live like they believe.

Let’s desire worshipping in the unique way God has made each of us to worship Him–exposed and alive and leaning into what we believe God has made us, right now, to do.

Let’s lift up our hands to Him, so grateful to be gathered together. We are made to do something amazing. We are made to worship God with our whole heart–in the way that no one else can ever do, in the way only you and I can do it.

What does worship look like, uniquely, for you?

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  • To me, Worship is a one on one moment with God. It is surrendering my mind, heart, and soul to Him. It is feeling His presence in my heart. It is knowing He lives in me. Worship is sharing our deepest emotions with Him and with thanksgiving thanking Him for who He is, for why He loves me, and loving Him in return. To me worship is singing with all my might as if His spirit sang through me…and then you know He is near…you know He is here. Worship is praying to Him without holding anything back…worship is allowing God to take control regardless of where we are in the world. To me worship is singing as if Heaven was all around you!

    • Leslis, this is beautiful. I love thinking about this: “worship is allowing God to take control regardless of where we are.” I want to trust Him that much, be surrendered to Him like this. Thank you!

    • Worship to me is. Praises him everyday. Praying and Thanking him and loving him and loving other and praying for others. Faith believe and give him my hold heart. Love him so much.powerful

    • Worship to me is. Praises him everyday. Praying and Thanking him and loving him and loving other and praying for others. Faith believe and give him my hold heart. Love him so much.powerful. Will ever that it back learn the hard way. But he still by my sides still blessings me

  • Worship, to me is living my life in complete abandonment to the Lord. Putting aside what the world may or may not think. Responding only to the Spirit within me.

  • I love your writing and this one really touched my heart. As humans, we tend to focus on the obvious ways we worship, with singing and dancing and praises. But It is in the every day act of reverence and thanks to God through the worshipful display of His amazing gifts to us that I can see Him smiling with pride! He made us to experience JOY and in doing what we do best and giving Him the glory all the time is profound worship. We owe it to our creator to uncover our diamonds in the rough and shine for Him. Thank you for all you do to shine!!

  • Worship is a lifestyle. It’s the heartbeat of God. But in this life we are privileged to encounter His presence through the heart of Worship. Worship by the power of music, prayer, journaling, dancing, art, etc. He has blessed us with so many gifts and talents to worship and glorify Him with. The beauty of worship is whom we worship as oppose to how. <3

  • Holy Communion ??✝
    On my knees anointed.
    In your house I arrived.
    The world has pulled the rug from under my feet Oh God…
    But I will praise you I will ask for yr love I will survive this in you.
    Forgive us all who are unhinged in poverty in how we desperately wanted to believe are earthly family who don’t know you.
    Protect me Dear Father .
    I Place my survival in your hands thisdayforward.
    I love you I love you I love…✝
    Lori Usher…

  • Worship to me is an unending pursuit of knowing Him intimately by making Jesus our Beloved in ways we would if we were in a love relationship with anyone else…
    I was desperate to make Him real in the way the Bible describes our relationship to Him. So, I had a secret wedding ceremony in my apartment when I was 19. Planned my vows, my song, my dress, bought a ring, and set the date and time. Very few know this because they would think I’m a wack job! I was a baby Christian but that hour was an unprecedented moment of feeling His presence, and it launched my life.
    The Bible talks about coming to Him as little children, which encompasses many aspects, but what is the one thing that children also have which we lose as adults? Uninhibited imagination. Since that “wedding day” , I have dates with him – whether I’m having a cup of tea and chat time as prayer time (I put out 2 cups to make it “real”), hiking and having Him show me things, spontaneously dancing WITH Him in my livingroom, kayaking while worship music is on my ipod (imagining He is seated behind me, teehee!), even going to a movie alone with HIM once in a while rather than my friends. Before I go onstage to speak, or facing something I don’t want to do, my right hand is clutched as I ask Him to hold my hand and be with me. Sometimes I clutch my right hand like that while I’m driving just to acknowledge I know He is there, when I want to be silent but express my love.
    Yes, I love corporate worship and prayer time on my face on the floor in intercession. But the everyday, moment by moment acknowledgement of Him as my Beloved who is with me, creates a continual atmosphere of worship and opens my heart to hear Him.
    Coincidentally, this serious romance with Jesus as my husband is what lead me to an earthly husband who would have it no other way than to support and be 2nd to my Firstlove 🙂

    I don’t even remember how I happened upon you, Jennifer, but I was grateful to “meet” such a beautiful-hearted sister. I certainly appreciate you and your labor of love….

  • Worship to me; it is every milasecound of every day speaking with, my God ,my Father,my Jesus! Letting & listening to the Holy Spirit breathe his life into me, onto me through me! Especially since 2013 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia…I had to continue to work at a very stressful ,physical & demeaning job, however God was with me ever step, every breathe,every tearful second !, until I could retire. One day I woke up & He spoke to me “you are done” …I went to the dr. went into work & gave them a note from my dr. saying this is it I’m done… Next , I was done, I was DONE! God is amazing, for the next yr. I went through a treasure trove of his blessing ! Some were very dark, there were days of doubt that I even did the right thing, that I heard the right voice????? Many questions, BUT MY FATHER GOD WAS EVER FAITHFUL!!!!!! EVERY SECOND,EVER DAY, WE PRAISED OUR WAY THROUGH!!! EVERY NEED WAS SUPPLIED ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES & GLORY BY CHRIST JESUS MY LORD!! I could go on for ever. But thanks for this time! God bless you richly!!!

  • I love this article and the comments. For a long time, I have been frustrated with how we tend to narrowly define worship. Worship is not music. I have heard so many say they cannot worship because they are not musically inclined. How heartbreaking to believe that lie. Worship should be everything we do. Everything we are totally surrendered to God. Our whole hearts given fully to the Lord. I have seen worship also spelled War-ship as it is such a powerful weapon against the enemy.