how to keep going when anxiety reels you in

I sit at the bedroom window watching wind whip branches of redwood.

It is a flurry of wild green against gray, the clouds low and heavy. No, the air is anything but still.

I don’t grab my bag and rush out into this day. The day doesn’t shout, go! Rather, it whispers, wait.  And I hear it speak to me so quietly, quietly. Stay. Stay.

Yes, this day can speak. Yes, our hearts can speak. Do you hear the sound? The soul whispering with gentle insistence: ignore the list, lay down that burden, give up the fear.

These souls of ours ache for connection with the Father. They are depleted without sustenance. They are weak without the strength of a love that equips and builds and gives and sustains.

So I sit at the window. I keep my laptop closed. I delay my plans for the day. This is where I need to be. Even if it doesn’t make sense, sitting in my bedroom, about to head out the door. I can’t move. I see the waving of majesty out of the window. Holy. I put everything else on hold to watch creation groan and twist and burst. Yes, that’s it, holy beauty bursting with an energy I crave. An energy I have within me too, if I choose it.


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how to keep going when anxiety reels you in

When we look for peace, for contentment, for joy, sometimes it matters how hard it is we look. Sometimes it matters if we listen to the very whisper of our own soul.

For in the twisting and turmoil of our current climate–the anger and the confusion, the fear and the distrust–we must do our part in letting God take care of our hearts. Our souls are desperate for letting God care for us. Our souls are desperate for us to choose His rest, his truth, His sword, His joy.

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If we don’t? The distractions of this world destroy our hope. We so easily become convinced that hope is not here, hope is not for us. Rather, we believe we had better dig in a little harder, worry a little more. But what if what we really need to do is surrender our hearts more fully–open up these hands of ours and release?

For in the giving up ourselves–our fears, our worries, our anxieties–we give room for the true peace of the Savior. We need Jesus to settle on our hearts. We need Jesus to come in and remind us how He has us. We need Him to remind us how He has our future–the future of this crazy American election, the future of this world. He has the most amazing, beautiful plan.

Let us not miss the plan. Let us not miss the beautiful part Jesus has for each of us to play.

And it starts with letting our souls be cared for by the Father who created us.

Let us stay close to Him. Let us listen for His voice. Let us surrender the fear, push into the hard thing of being kind and generous and loving. For there we will find Him. And then His strength and peace will equip us to keep going.

Will you sit with me, this day?

What is one thing you are doing this week to intentionally choose to listen to your soul and respond to what it needs? 

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  • In my life of craziness and uncertainty right now I’m reminded on several occasions this morning that God’s got this….that I don’t have to worry how my bills will be paid or when I will find work.I just need to surrender all my anxieties and worries to him and he will handle it.

  • I am greatly focused on provision….just having enough money to do the things that I need to do, to pay up bills that is behind. I preached to myself on yesterday where Psalm 46:10 proclaims, “be still and know that I am God.” I am so overwhelmed with provision, providing. I long, so long to finish up my college courses in order to get my Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies. My tuition is so out of hand I feel stuck, like I can’t move another step….I long to be back in again without worrying about tuition, but to focus on my quizzes, exams, etc. So I will take this moment to thank God in advance for provision and the monies I need to do the things that I have to do.

    • Standing with you now, Linda. Praying for His provision and your peace. Yes, He has this. Remove all fear, all obstacles to your good plan for Linda, Father. In Jesus’ name.

  • I am letting go of all the worry and fear I’ve been carrying for a family member for over a year. Today I will let it go and believe He is in control and work it out in His perfect will. I needed this message today, Thank you and God Bless You!

  • Thank you for this beautiful post. It really encapsulates what I believe I’m hearing God say. Slow down. Be still. Abide. Like so many others, there is so much, too much on my plate today. I believe I’m headed towards a new season but I can’t quite make out the forest for the trees. I’ve come to realize that I live a life of reaction rather than intentionality. So this week, I’m pressing in to the quiet. I’m pressing into things that bring me joy. I’m taking my time. Because though I know God speaks all around me, if I can’t quiet the chaos in my head for a few moments, then I miss it. I’m watching. I’m waiting. Expectantly.

  • I am letting go of all anxiety and fear and giving to my Savior to handle. I am so at peace right now and have been since this past Sunday when I was prayed over at church and God filled me to the brim. I am determined to let His peace and joy keep me filled at all times. His peace, joy, and hope is all I need. I’m learning to listen for Him each day.

    • Cathy, I love this–how God filled you “to the brim”! Yes, I want this today! Praying we stop and remember our God–how He is with us and in us, giving us everything we need and more!

  • I have decided to surrender everything to him. I can not be everything for everybody. So I will lay all at his feet.

  • I feel so odd and like the man who sat in he back of the temple ….. My anxiety and panik starts deep at night … breathing hurts in my chest and I find myself whispering, “Are you there God?” …. I can recite parts of Psalms and remember scripture verses …. and yet the night monster holds me in his grip and throws huge accusations at me !!
    “You were a terrible mother ! That’s why your daughters have such a fractured if any relationship with you. You are proud and arrogant. You are impatient and at times down right nasty. No, you having rescued a greyhound and her loving you does not count! No, the service you provide for ailing seniors doesn’t count! No, having a tender heart and being able to be thankful for this so called God’s everyday … you call it WONDERS? … doesn’t count!! It counts that every day you forget to bend your head. Ha!!! That’s what I love about you!! Your stubbornness, your unwillingness to bend when I see so, that you want to reach for the GOD???” ……….. Jennifer, I am 71 years young and feel that at times I have a solid anchor in my faith and more often – when the night devils attack – I have no solid ground.

    I loved my father, a Lutheran pastor in Germany, deeply. He cried when I emigrated to the USA 50+ years ago. We shared a love for the night sky. His favorit constellation was the Orion……. Every, and I mean EVERY morning I take my greyhound Hope (you see, I try) out and by now the eastern PA sky is still dark but …. the Orion is sooo visible, so there, almost as a deeply personal anchor from my father, who is now with his Heavenly Father …. Is it corny that I tell you I whisper, “Hallo Väti” ? ….. Yes, I do know how to TRY to connect to the Devine which with me is most likely quite different than most of your readers. I am trying to become more childlike in my faith ….

    I love my spouse and yet we don’t share faith … that’s hard.

    Thank you for reading this. Martiné

    • Dear Martine, I am praying now, sister–praying for Jesus to come, like He does . . . for Him to silence the lies of the enemy . . . make you deaf to his whispers . . .and let you hear only the Father’s truth in your heart. He is not letting you go, dear one. You are seen. You are loved. I am so sorry for these tribulations. He knows each struggle you face, each pain and fear and worry and ache. Father, continue showing your beauty to Martine. Bring newness and hope and peace and joy now. Thank You that You are here. In Jesus’ name.

    • I pray for you Martine. My story is very similar to yours. I pray that since you wrote your last post that you have found validation and peace in the Lord. Blessings to you in this new year. Respectfully Zoe

  • Great post. So soothing. This is what we need to hear and focus on. God and hearing his voice, and not the voice of fear that is being broadcast through the media. Be still and know that God is in charge of us, and our country, and our election. He can turn anything to his glory and our good. Thanks for your words and re-centering of our souls.

  • I am about to leave one job for another that is uncertain. The people I will be working with are believers, and we all firmly believe God has placed us together for a reason, and that we are doing what He is guiding us to do. But we are a bit of a road block. We know there has to be an answer, so we pray. We can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat anymore than we can wish the answer to appear. So instead, we trust. Trust that God will provide the answer, and that if we are on the wrong path, He will guide us in the right direction. Trust that I will be provided for, not just waiting for work, but asking God who I can serve. I know He won’t let me down or leave me hanging, but it is hard to not let doubt creep in when the plan seems impossible. But, God doesn’t know impossible and formed man from dust. So, I will trust in Him!

  • Jennifer I have struggled with sever anxiety and panic attacks since I was twelve years old when my parents married and divorced each other three times. Was put in a physic ward at that time. It counted to get so bad I was jumping out of moving vehicles thinking I couldn’t breath. As I grew older I married at 17 and had by first son by 18 and His dad was never there for us. Don’t think I ever loved him was just trying to escape my parents situation. Ended up divorced and ten years later was in an abusive relationship with an acholic. His mother a minister told BE to keep forgiving and praying and he would change. Ended up with two more sons by him and he refused to allow me to leave for he said he would never pay child support. I’m 59 and have been abused all my life was even molested as a child by my parents best friend. Never knew TRUE LOVE till I found Jesus. I finally had a profett tell me a year ago in September to leave and move away which I did back to my home town. Yet though this I have lost contact with my youngest son and grandchildren for he wanted me to stay with his dad even though he saw the hell he put me through. Even coming back here my own brother and sister have verbally abused me and told me I left years ago and should not have come back. But though all this I’ve been a living witness to women here and with Gods help have told my testimony to them and helped a few along the way. I still have to take medicine but I know JESUS IS HOLDING me in HIS ARMS when I’m even at my worst. I’ve found myself in a fetal position and could actually feel HIS ARMS around he letting me know He will never leave me nor forsake me. I’ve made a lot of poor choices and trying to learn to be still to hear Him speaking to me again. Again God don’t make mistakes we do but He uses these as our testimony to help others. I’ve truly enjoyed ALL your Loop messages and share them with other women who can benifit from reading them. I still believe someday God will give me a Hod fearing husband and the ability to not look back on what others have done to me. Thank you SOO very much for your continued letters to help us all!!!

  • I pray for peace in my home. I don’t know why but when my son & daughter in law fight it really upsets me to the point where I’m crying & shaking. Common sense tells me this is not my situation but I can’t help it. U can’t afford to move or live by myself. I pray for peace & contentment.