And the Earth Cries Out, Jesus

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]J[/su_dropcap]esus, it is even in the cracks of moments, when hearts turn themselves over, begging for hope to cover, You come.Earth cries Jesus

It is not only in the darkness that you enter, when tears leave us empty, parched. But it is in darkness too, when we are in the desert, wondering if You are close. And You are. We know it, yet we wonder still.

The earth is aching. Pain that is too much to bear. And You bear it. In the confusion and disorder. In the darkness unleashed, You are still mighty. You are justice, in the night. You are love in the hate. You are comfort in the chaos. You are peace in the mess.

Wise friends share how it is hatred that is here, a thunderous movement upon the scarred land. Hearts are calloused, but the ones who know You cry out. You hear. You are here. You do not abandon the downtrodden, the alone and desperate and afraid.Earth cries, Jesus

You know evil. And You are love covering.

You are justice coming. It is Love that restores, nothing else.

It is Love that heals, nothing else.

You mourn with your children, and You stand, too. You bend low and hold the broken, yet You walk through the ravaged cities, the broken homes, the scarred and mutilated hearts. There is hatred here, yes, but it does not overcome. You say it clear: I am not overcome.Earth cries, JesusYou carry the daughters and the sons and You lead them into where it seems darkness reigns. You shine forth light, showing us how to see it, live it in.

You do not cower. You are not weak. You are not small and hidden and silent.

Jesus, You are the voice crying out in the night, in the thick darkness, leading us toward a different way to hear, feel, see.

Earth cries, JesusCome, this crying earth. Turn inside out now. Let what is evil be destroyed by love. Let it be restored by justice. It is coming. I am coming.

But love is here now. I fill your hearts. I walk this earth now, your bodies my temple, your heart my resting place. Know that I bring justice in the night. And light floods what is broken and desolate, decayed and worn.

Earth cries JesusCome stand with Me. Use your voices. Use the map written on your heart to walk with Me. For hatred has no resting place here, no lasting home. Evil cannot stand here. Stay with Me. Stand with Me. Be restored with Me. Ask Me to move. I hear you. I am with you. I do not turn away.

You come. We see You. Jesus.

Join in with me? Amen.


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  • Thank you for reminding me that only Jesus can penetrate the darkness, the hatred, the evil. He will always prevail and we will overcome because we are One with Him.

  • This message have spoken volume to me. Great words of encouragement . May God keep blessing you. Amen ☺

  • Justice- yes! Justice for the oppressed and afflicted. It’s who YOU are. My burden today is that the hearts who hold you to the point of formidable obedience are few. Stir our spirits in Jesus name to SEEK FIRST Your kingdom! To prioritise repentance so to receive the covering and be filled with Your Spirit to full effect. In the depths of my heart I yearn for Kingdom come, but then my life seems to operate on a different plane- one that befuddles and distracts me. I get a different picture of who I am when I exist here. Oh God – let the two come together! Let the temporary be consumed by the eternal. Let Your kingdom way permeate my every day. Let me come into a new selflessness, a new phase of true obedience. Your blood is shed to cover and equip us- let us glorify and multiply that flow with our simple obedience.
    You. You are WONER•FULL. Your ways bring me to a headspace that is peaceful, powerful, exciting and alive. And what You prepare for me is so wonderful the most difficult suffering will fade to nothing, and I know You are so eager for us to see- so eager for it all to be right again. So eager to draw us in to unspeakably loveliness and strength in Your Spirit, to share in Your victory and release it into the lives of those around us. To build undeniable testimony to the blood of Jesus. Your Kingdom come in us, Your will be done in us.

  • Awesome! God is calling us to love.He is love! Our hearts ,His dwelling place. How can we not love and show and live Love?We are His representatives.

  • How the Spirit works through you, and you are obedient to His will. Thank you for your deep soulful words of encouragement and hope. He is coming, each day closer to glory.
    Grace, peace and love to you, hope from above to you.

    In Him,
    Caedmon M. Chang

  • Oh my, Yes His love covers all….all the darkness and evil only His love can penatrate. I pray to let His love flow through me to reach out to others that are hurting in this world.
    This so speaks to my heart and shows me to look past the evil and keep my eys focused more and more steadfastly on Jesus. People are hurting and we must show them His love every where we go.

    Keep writing Jennifer God is speaking to me and others through you loud and clear!!
    God Bless you.


  • Thank you Jennifer for being the voice of God with your words. They are so true and heartfelt. Praying with you in these difficult times. We all need to be the voice of God. So many around us that don’t know Him or have fallen away. We need to be the light, be bold and lead those to and back to Christ! Love your ministry!

  • Thank you and may God continue to use you for His Glory! I feel God speaking to me through your words. Praying!

  • The Lord bless you for your obedience. We prayed with T.D. Jakes on facebook the other day, and then at our church this morning, we all joined hands and cried out to Father God for our nation. The enemy wants to destroy us from the inside out, but we have One who is greater living inside of us. We hear His voice and He whispers of His love to us, His love for our cities, states, and countries, all over the world. He is weeping for US, because His love is so deep that it cannot be truly fathomed. He wants us to join Him in showing love instead of hate. As we seek His face, He clears away all of the hurt, fear, and confusion. When we remember that we are seated on His right hand, next to His throne, in heaven…not just at some future date…but RIGHT NOW, our perspective changes. As we focus on the ONE who sits on the throne, we see the love in His gaze, and that love is echoed in our own. So now it is our task to bring that love to a people who are hurting. They are crying out to someone they don’t even know! But we know Him. All we have to do is introduce them to our Savior, and the rest is up to Him. The fields are truly ripe and ready to harvest. We must pray for the workers to arise. He is the Lord of the harvest, and we are His children. What a privilege to be living in this day, in this hour, in this time. Opportunities abound! We just have to be open to His leading…and follow.

  • Amen! Jennifer
    Today the LORD told me and my church. ” Hate is bondage. Love is freedom. It is harder to hate and so easy to love. Thank you for your faithfulness Jennifer.

  • Aloha from Hawaii,
    so deep, so intimate, so raw, so true your blogs!
    thank you for sharing the words written upon your heart!