when you get soul bare (and a giveaway)

When she asked me if I would share the truth about myself, the story of my beginning, I knew I would have to start at the end.

Abortion and Soul BareIt was the end of me that started it all, the choice to let pride kill a life. Two decades later, and forgiveness and grace is the truth I sing.

Not death. Although that is part of the story too. Not shame. Although I carried that like an invisible shroud for years. Not silence. Although that is what prompted the belief in other lies I believed about myself too: you have no voice; you are not made to be loved; you are never enough.

I was invited to get Soul Bare.

There is a beautiful book my friend Cara Sexton edited and released into the world a few weeks ago. It is called Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption–a book of 31 real-life stories by women who share the things they don’t want to keep silent. Stories of the hard and the beautiful, the desperate and the good. Each story points to God, a testament to His presence in the midst of heartache, disappointment, pain.

Abortion and Soul Bare

Abortion and Soul Bare

Abortion and Soul Bare

My story is in there. It is called Cold, Dark Ground. I talk about my story with my friends over at the beautiful Mudroom. And I am giving away three autographed copies of the book, Soul Bare, too.

First, I  hope you will go on over to the Mudroom and read the interview and leave a comment. ThenI hope you enter the giveaway for Soul Bare. I think you are going to love the book.

Enter the giveaway below. (First, leave a comment at the interview . . . then come back over and enter the giveaway!) I’ll choose three winners by Rafflecopter and announce the three winners of an autographed book by email and on my Facebook page on Friday, August, 19!

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    • I love that, Tonia! Reading these stories together with sisters would be so awesome. I can’t wait to hear about how it goes. Bless you and your group as we listen for His whispers.

  • I’m saying versions of the same thing in multiple places (As I both try to win a copy of the book and just gush about the blessing that blog post was this morning!), but since you seem to be and respond here with frequency, let me just say that at the age of 51, I am still struggling with the after effects of a promiscuous past, which followed an abusive home life. I’ve taken so many steps, and I’ve progressed to the point where no one would ever know there is anything wrong. I do believe God loves and forgives me, and I even forgive myself. But the ONE thing I haven’t done, despite His repeated encouragement, is write – openly and honestly – about it. You unlocked something in me this morning. A new courage and a new resolve. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    • Stephanie, oh, sister, your email right now has made my day, my week, my month. This is the best–how God loves His daughters so much that He gathers us and encourages us to encourage each other on. Praying for you now, His dear one. Keep going. Keep pressing in. He is right here, leading you deeper into what He has! Healing and wholeness and Him! Much love to you!

      • Thank you, dear Jennifer! I write for other people all the time: I am a ghost writer, working on “my” third book for someone else. I also write prayers and devotionals for a Christian publisher – the kind that get your name on the copyright page, but not the cover. I’ve been telling myself for the last few years that I am fulfilling Abba’s call on me to write, though I’ve known in my heart and even my body it’s not true (or at least not complete!). It is my story – the one He is working so lovingly to redeem and restore – He wants me to tell. After this morning, after your words, I don’t see how I can be silent another day. Bless you <3 Your courage builds mine.

        • Oh, wow, Stephanie! I love this! Yes, keep listening to His voice in your heart about what the upcoming writing He has for you looks like! I love that you recognize where He is leading you. Keep me posted!

    • Thank you for this sister! I am truly there with you walking the same path as I grow, and understand, and accept God’said great love for me, for us.
      Thank you!

      • Thank you, Faith! I am praying for you to have strength of courage and of voice ❤️?

  • I know that it’s hard to tell a story that you don’t always want to share. Sometime sharing it helps you think about things in a different way. I can’t wait to read your book. ?❤️

    • Hi Mary, Yes, that is exactly what happened to me when writing this story. I had processed bits of the experience, but I hadn’t connected so many dots that I needed to connect. It was very difficult and very healing, both. Thank you so much for your encouragement, sister.

  • Jennifer, God works ALL things together for good for those that love Him. Your experience has given you the ability to know what hurting feels like and be compassionate to others experiencing pain of all kinds. Your words have touched me so many times as I live through a difficult chapter. Thank you for being willing to share. You are blessing so many lives as God blesses you. I feel so connected to you, Judy

  • Thank you for your courage, Jennifer. I commented at the end of the interview. God bless you for your beauty and transparency.

  • I’d love to read this book. Everyone’s journey is different. Insight into the same experience is too.

  • Shared my comment on fb post, blessings angel I pray you received it. Jesus continue to be a fence around Jennifer and her family, thank you for using her to speak and confirm what you are instructing me to do in my life.Thank you Jennifer for being an available vessel called to serve your sister and helping them to find their voice and share also for we are all fearfully and wonderfully made with a unique gift and purpose to share with one another.
    Blessings and love,
    Nichole Renee
    Forty Four Angels (44??)

  • Dear Jennifer I don´t know by person, but I know through your post, and writings, leave say you that since I gatter you I have change my point of view of the life. I have understood that God is always with us, more if we have an abusive home life. You are now part of my family, You do helped overcome fears that God can not forgive . I now understand that I am his daughter. Thanks Jennifer for helíng women who are lost