Because Our Life Is Not a Movie but it’s Sacred Everyday

Life is not a movie, but it is sacred holy everyday. [su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] grasp the black handle of the tea  kettle, turn to the sink behind me and fill it with water. Put on the lid and turn back to the stove. Place the kettle upon the gas burner and turn on the gas. Watch the reflection of my self in the kettle’s stainless steel. Listen for the gas. Vrmmp.

Consider how, if this were a movie, if this scene were being filmed, I would assume the moment was one of importance somehow, maybe even reverence. You know, the every day, normal activity to which we can all relate but so easily overlook.

Life is not a movie, but there is sacred holy of the everyday.

Fill the kettle. Turn on the stove. Wait for the water to boil.

Except this is my life. And I am not in a movie. There is no beautiful angle or amazing lens or talented photographer here to capture this and convince me this is more significant than it really is.

And yet this life is amazing. It is holy. It is beautiful and sacred space. I know.

Life is not a movie, but there is sacred holy of the everyday.

I have a conversation with myself, wondering why I push against what is sacred? Whom am I to decide what is holy, worthy, good?

Why do I need documentation of my life to believe it is worth something?

To whom am I looking for validation? To whom am I asking, do you see me, notice me? To whom am I asking, what am I worth?

It looks prettier everywhere else sometimes, unless I look at my life and recognize it as holy. Right here. Right now. I am holy, a daughter of God.

Because life is not a movie, but it's sacred everyday

Life is not a movie, but there is sacred holy of the everyday.

Fill the kettle. Turn on the stove. Wait for the water to boil.

Last night we learned the good news that the city has approved our plans to remodel our little bungalow. We started dreaming about this project over a year ago. And in this crazy Silicon Valley area in which we live, it is a complete miracle we are able to live here–and run our nonprofit here–at all. Our little lot is maxed out, so we can’t add a single square foot of living space. This has forced us to be creative, make the most of each room, look more carefully at what we’ve been given, be even better caretakers and stewards of the gift of this home. Dreaming and planning and sketching and researching these last six months has been crazy fun.

Help me hold all your gifts, God.

Because your life is not a movie, but it's sacred everyday.

Fill the kettle. Turn on the stove. Wait for the water to boil.

I can look at these gifts God gives and twist them into something they were not meant to be.  I can so easily switch from feeling grateful to feeling overwhelmed. Work stuff’s been keeping me busy. Our oldest is graduating from junior high in a few days. Justin is doing his yearly planning for our summer backpacking trips. And now, in two and a half weeks, boxes need to be packed, backpacks stuffed, and we need to be out of the house. This is all awesome. It is.

Our life isn't a movie. but let's embrace the sacred holy of the everyday.

I want to hold the everyday holy. I want to hold these gifts with open hands, do the work in front of me and yet not be so consumed by it I get myself distracted.

When things are busiest, when things are good, when things seem small, I can so easily forget to inhabit holy space, in all things, with God.

Fill the kettle. Turn on the stove. Wait for the water to boil.

Life is not a movie, but there is sacred holy of the everyday.

These lives of ours are filled with the glory of God. They are sacred and beautiful, filled with richness and hope in the midst of the everyday that is not so everyday. As I look towards summer and prepare for the busy schedule ahead, I know God will show me how to slow down, how to listen, how to look for him, how to recognize the kingdom of God speaking and singing loud and long. Perhaps it will begin with the sound of a tea kettle. I need more moments waiting for water to boil.

What about your life feels mundane right now, even though it’s not? Where, in your life right now, do you recognize the kingdom of God?


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  • Where am I? Caring for my 84 year old dad. Sharing my house with my husband who, hasn’t accompanied me to church in 3 years. Who recently told me that the reason he went for 20 years was because it was something I wanted him to do. Yet I go on. I care for my dad and my home. I also care for my local union members who, call in to the office desperately looking for help. I move on with the help of the Holy Spirit who fills these desperate people with hope and faith. I move on until I fall into bed exhausted after a day of service to all that God has put in my path. I move on. Towards the Kingdom of God

    • Rafaela, “you move on with the help of the Holy Spirit.” You are beautiful, sister. How encouraging you are to me. I pray God continues to pour into you–the Holy Spirit to fill you and equip you in all that He has. You testify to the truth of how our ability to love comes from Him completely. We are empty on our own. Thank you.

      • I can so relate to Rafaela as I care for my 92 year old mother and my husband has not attended church with me in a number of years. My adult son has a number of health issues and by God’s grace, he has been able to get insurance after struggling for a few years by going to low cost clinics and doctors. He now has a chance to have his issues addressed. My daughter and son-in-law are separated and my grandchildren are of course in the middle of the mess. My daughter is a battered wife and desperately needs to look to God to lead her, but she keeps trying to do things on her own. I have always had a huge amount of faith in God, that His timing is best, but many days things can’t happen fast enough. Today was a tough day on a couple of fronts, but I “move on with the help of the Holy Spirit”. Thank you Jennifer for your blog and devotionals. You are helping me connect with God on a new level!

  • Where I am?
    Struggling everyday more to get out of my ‘comfort zone’ and face my past with sexual abuse and finally tell and speak it out, be honest to my mom and rest of the family. Praying so I get the strength to go through the lies that has been planted in my heart and mind for many years now, and believe the truth of the Word of God.
    I’m just 17 and none of my family comes with me in church . I have been alone in all this path and now I’m even more alone since we moved in another country. Feeling lost, but trusting that God leads my path and sends me to his still waters.
    Im learning how to have the perfect peace of God in this perfect chaos I’m living in.
    I’m young and I know I still have a long way to go, but somehow I feel pressed and crushed down.

    Thank you Jennifer for your blog. It’s a great help ?

    • Sister, my heart goes out to you as well as my prayers. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of courage and a sound mind. Remember the He has hemmed you in, behind and before, and has laid His hand upon you. He has called you by name, and has given you he courage to face fear and overcome. His story will be beautiful in you. Thank you for being honest and sharing your heart, you have encouraged me.

  • Life has been a really great struggle trying to know my purpose here on earth. Find myself looking for a love that don’t exist in man but God. Been abused and taken advantage of by people I thought loved me. My focus has been on man and not God for a couple of years but I know its time to look up to Jesus, the greatest love of my life. He’s been there in my darkest moments yet I seem to lose focus every time. I trust He’ll bring me to the expected end cos He’s given me the power with His Spirit in me. I believe I am a child of God and His Holy Spirit, my Comforter helps me overcome the struggles of my past. I move on in His strength and love knowing that I’m an important piece being prepared to be fixed in the bigger picture.
    First time reading your blog. Thank you Jennifer.

  • Here I am keeping my faith that a message I heard yesterday from an amazing pastor I watched online was the start of a fearless and a non-panicked filled life. I know I’m a child of God and I wouldn’t have made it this far without Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have started to realize over the past several months I don’t need antidepressants anymore by the grace of God and, like the layers of an onion, God has been peeling back the walls of doubt, fear, debilitating panic, shame, guilt…. and so much more. I feel He is preparing me and my husband to step out of our comfort zone and I’m trusting Him to let me know when, where, and how. We are currently looking for a church to call home and I am praying My husband will have a yearning to be part of a church family as I do.
    My oldest daughter has a newborn who is 19 weeks that we don’t get to see and when I think it’s the boyfriend and his family keeping her away, I can’t help but get this feeling that for now it’s for the protection of our 15 yo son and our marriage due to the nature of what the boyfriend and his family has been mixed up in (to put it tactfully). I became a stay at home mom 7 yrs ago and now with two daughters out of school, I have a 15 yo I homeschooled his 7th grade year due to severe bullying and during that time the Lord worked on me and my husband as well as restoring my sons mental and physically health.
    My husband and I prayed and felt lead to put our son back in school for 84th grade this past school year and I volunteered 70% of the year. I saw where God had used me for the staff and many of the staff for me to His glory.
    Now I’m praying for wisdom, courage, strength, and a open door that I know could only be from God as to what I am to do now. Go back to work, or continue to stay home. Our middle daughter is due in Nov. and she has asked if I could babysit while she works but I don’t know if that’s what I am supposed to do.
    My husband and I will continue to pray and seek the Lord, trusting that His plans for us will be made known.
    All prayers for our family are welcomed and needed. I want to seek the kingdom of God and see His kingdom in our family spreading our to others.

  • He sees me, He knows me, He loves me. If I can just keep that as my foundation when the thoughts of my past creep upon me I can shoo them away and focus on the great love that Father God has for me. Practicing His presence keeps me grounded. Old things pass away,challenges are calmed,problems get directions. Jennifer thank you for reminding me of His every minute presence in my life. Your website and blogs are heaven sent.
    A. Blessings

  • Where am I?
    In the middle of a year of reconstruction work… 🙂
    For I am a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come.
    God spoke to me last year and said that He would take my old self – fearful, limited, chained, negative condemning script – and would replace it with the new – not sure exactly what that’s gonna be.
    My eldest son got married 2 months ago and so my husband and my part of the house is empty (the newlyweds live upstairs in their own space). Which is odd, as we have three sons (one in heaven) and a daughter (also in heaven), and numerous fosters from the past twelve years and yet, there is space here. Both my husband and I are studying, we have our own business, my husband is associate pastor and we ask God whether He wants us to foster again, little ones this time, siblings…
    And I wait…
    And change…
    And it hurts…
    I breathe, trying to be obedient and have faith…
    The old has gone, the new has come…