i never thought

i never thought poem
i never thought poem
i never thought poem

I never thought it would
look like this,
where time with you
was just pretend,
a waiting, a pacing,
an ache of busy.
There is something
I’m missing
and I’m afraid
I won’t find it.
So I stopped looking
before I started.
And that is when
pretending is painful.

—jennifer j. camp

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  • That’s beautiful beloved, Holy Spirit gave me these words about art, some time ago
    ‘Art isn’t meant to be understood, it is to touch the soul deeply, and caress you with its intentions ‘ that alone blew me away, then Holy Spirit added ‘ it does this for the one who creates and the one who receives it ‘ what you’ve shared above, does that for me, thank you

  • It is so beautiful. The words brought tears to my eyes. God bless.
    Angie in Ireland😇😇❤❤

  • Your courage to be honest and transparent through this poetry is a nourishing gift. Deepest thanks and I’m so looking forward to more open space, love & blessings, Pip, Australia

  • Wow!! This touched me deeply. For I find myself pretending, to get by but it only becomes painful because I feel a sense of loss, which brings me to a point of giving up.

  • This spoke to me in a way I don’t think I can explain
    But somehow I know I’m not alone, I love all your poetry I hope it reaches millions in need of your words 🙏🏽❤️