how she finds him

It is when she thinks
she is alone
that she finds him.
A flutter of wings
outside the window,
a caress of wind
on her cheek,
a warm hello from
the wheelchaired man
in his garage.
I am not complicated;
my love for you
is not complicated,
he says.
And the untangling begins
—a whisper, a doubt,
a struggle, a scream.
You have heard me calling
and I didn’t believe it?
How are you near now?
Why can I see you now?
she says.
There, there it is,
he says.
Let me love you
let me love you
let me love you,
he says.

—jennifer j. camp

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  • Hi ,
    I just joined in yesterday and I have read everything that you have published, but this poem really reflects the way I feel and why I decided to get involved with God now more than ever.
    Thank you for having a space for me.
    Looking forward to reading and being in contact with you on this new stage of my life.

  • Yes, Jennifer, so grateful for how God pursues our hearts and how God pursues your heart, my friend…we only need to turn toward Him…