Doubt queries her,
hawk eyeing its prey.
Is this good enough?
Unique enough?
Lovely, worth noticing?
Her very life a question,
wingless bird in her hands.
And yet majesty of truth,
strength in being small,
are Poor in Spirit
turned right there
on its head.
Pivot! Breathe!
Open your fists!

And the bird,
its wings solid and
strong, turns its face
to the sun and flies.

—jennifer j. camp

fly poem

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  • Ty so much every time you send these poems it always touches my heart and also you always come thur when I’m most in need and I’m so grateful I’ve found your post and Thank My Lord He Has Blessed Me With Your Post once again Ty so much for these Blessing

  • Amazing.! That describes how i feel a lot of the time! Never good enough. I love your poetry and loop. Thank you.

  • I love all of your poems and art too,
    I’m grateful for your openness and honesty, it’s courageous, l love hearing His words through you
    Thank you

  • Such a lovely poem. I enjoy poetry and write my own poetry. This really has such an amazingly strong message to me – I am very hard on myself and often do not feel worthy – I want to be a light in the world yet feel quite insignificant. I have a small bird that taps on my window each morning … love that sound … so welcoming – I love the comparison of the small bird to the human spirit. Great

  • I love the graphics and the words you weave on them. I am anticipating to learn how to do that as well with Scripture and encouraging words. Thank you for being an inspiration to me as a graceful Teacher’s Assistant to God.

    Love you, girl!