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He had me close my eyes and walk into the bedroom. “I have a gift for you. Keep your eyes closed.” I feel my way into the room, fingers extended, and then sit up on the edge of the bed.

“Keep your eyes closed. Listen to me describe it first. This is what I want to tell you.”

“Hear. Write. Speak. The book press is a reminder of the writing work you do together with God–and the importance of it, in His mind. He made you to write–to make physical books and digital goods. And He wants you to know how proud He is of your writing and how happy it makes Him to work alongside you.”

My chest tightens, tears filling my closed eyes.

“Now open them.”

Before me is a book press–black iron, heavy plates. Copies of Breathing Eden pressed in between. These are the words God and I wrote together. The stories He showed me. My attempt to write down the pictures I saw in my mind.

Of this woman. And this woman. Their faces, their hands. Their voices, their prayers.

I did my best, one word at a time, to describe what I saw, to transcribe what I heard them say.

The conversations, though, are just the jumping off place for us, the readers. The conversations are the beginning of our invitation. I pray the conversations in between these women and God make us hungry for light, fresh air, and new things in our own lives.

We know there are conversations God wants to have with us, right now.

Isn’t that awesome?

This Tuesday, it will be six months since the release of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things. (Did you see the new page that tells all about it?) And I want to celebrate this with you! So, I have teamed up with the beautiful and amazing Katie, the founder and artist of Hosanna Revival. Just for us, she created a beautiful, hand-painted journaling Bible, personalized for a Breathing Eden sister.

Isn’t the Bible designed by Hosanna Revival gorgeous?

I am so excited to give away this Bible, along with other prizes–autographed copies of Breathing Eden (to keep or give away!), and two eight by ten canvases designed by the stunning Portland artist, Rachel Jacobson.

So how do you win these awesome prizes? Well, here is the scoop:

In celebration of light and fresh air and new things, we are having a coloring page contest where you get to show off your beautiful designs over on Instagram! To enter the contest is simple. Here is what you need to do:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

To participate in the contest, participants must do the following:

    1. Download the coloring page from my blog right here. (This silhouette is from the amazing cover art of Breathing Eden by Connie Gabbert.) Then print it out and color it, paint it, collage it, tweak it, fancy-it-up, any way you want! Show off your light, fresh air, and new things!
    2. Post, on your own Instagram account, a photo of the coloring page you made your own. (Make sure your account is public for us to see it.)
    3. Tag your photo: #iamBreathingEden & @jenniferjcamp

That’s it!

Post and share extra photos of your page(s) on Facebook for additional entries. (You can decorate more than one page and enter more than once!) Just be sure to use the hashtag #iamBreathingEden each time so I will see it!

The winner(s) will be chosen randomly, at midnight, April 6 Tuesday, April 11, PST and announced on my blog and on social media on Friday morning, April 7. Tell your friends!

And here are the prizes!

  • One Grand prize:
    • Personalized Breathing Eden inspired Bible, handmade by artist Hosanna Revival
    • Two autographed copies of Breathing Eden
    • One “There Is So Much More Than This Moment,” Breathing Eden 8 x 10 canvas by artist Rachel Jacobson.
  • First Prize:
    • Two autographed copies of Breathing Eden
    • One “There Is So Much More Than This Moment,” Breathing Eden 8x 10 canvas by artist Rachel Jacobson.
  • Second Prize:
    • One autographed copy of Breathing Eden

So, what are you waiting for? Download your page and get started! Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you post!

I love how we get to breathe Eden together.

P.S. Want a free chapter?

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The birth of Breathing Eden – and a giveaway!

It was my friend Judy, over coffee at Cafe Borrone, who offered the first encouragement.

We sat outside, drinking lattes from porcelain mugs. We were talking about writing and story. About the hard stuff of parenting and marriage. Of being known and messing up. Of connection and isolation. Of future dreams and gratitude for the now.

Breathing Eden launch print

(Original print by artist Rachel Jacobson.)

I was in the middle of writing a series on my blog called Voice: A Journey Toward Life in 31 Conversations. And Judy said it could be more than just a series on a blog.

Here is how I described Voice to my readers on my old blog page two years ago:

“I wonder if you’re a lot like me. I wonder if you’re busy, with a calendar that is filled. I wonder if you want to live a life more fully surrendered to God but are intimidated by what a life of prayer is supposed to look like—particularly, what it may look like to have regular conversations with God.

Come participate in a back and forth conversation—a woman’s prayers and heart cries to God, and His responses back, as she listens and writes them down.

In the midst of a culture of busyness and to-do lists and trying to prove oneself and get ahead, can a busy woman’s regular conversations with God—her prayers and her listening to Him—be the key to claiming the life God has always intended for her to live?”

A journey toward life. I still like how that sounds. And when my husband, Justin, a few months later, who had heard me talk about this blog series but never knew the title of it, comes into the bedroom where I sit, laptop in my lap, and tells me he was praying and says, “I feel like God impressed upon my heart something about you writing and some project called ‘Voice.’ What is that?”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

It felt too good to be true. Too beautiful.

Breathing Eden launch giveaway

Writing a book where I ask God to inspire me to write a story of a woman whom He loves, and then to listen for what He wants to say to her in response? My whole heart sang ‘yes.’

I wanted to do this. I wanted to give voice to women who may have not yet shared their story. I wanted to see how our hearts can be encouraged, more receptive to the Holy Spirit’s life in us. I wanted God to speak directly to our hearts, through His response to the women in these conversations.

More than anything, I wanted to see each woman God would paint a picture for me to see. I wanted to meet her. Get to know her. Hear her voice. Listen to her story. I wanted to take in the emotional-crazy-beautiful stuff. The heart cries of joy and pain. The questions with no answers. The worries and beautiful wondering of how, and where, and why.

Writing this manuscript was one of the wildest, most beautiful experiences of my life so far. It was one of the most emotionally exhausting and life-giving too. What I share with you here is the beginning of a book that was once called Voice. And then was called My Charlotte. And then was given the most beautiful title: Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things.

Breathing Eden launch

Today is the release day of Breathing Eden. This book that is more than a book to me. This book that is an invitation to go deep with God in the sharing of our own story, our own struggles and victories, our own circumstances and situations that need healing. With forty different woman’s stories and God’s personal response to each one, you will find yourself offered a new perspective on how to view a situation that formerly felt confusing or unhappy or hopeless.

God’s rewriting of each story, His unique way to see, is the view we are each desperate to receive.

Would you want to join in and celebrate with me? Would you want to help me get the word out about today’s release of Breathing Eden?

To say thank you for your help in getting the word out–and to celebrate today’s release of Breathing Eden, the publisher and I are giving away two $40 iTunes gift cards. When writing Breathing Eden, there was one sound track I listened to over and over again–The Undoing, by Steffany Gretzinger. It is an album about being called to awaken by our Father. It is an album of emotion and beauty and hope. In music, it communicates, what I believe, is the heart of Breathing Eden.

To win an iTunes gift card, this is what you need to do: share Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things on your blog and/or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can share any way you like. Or download and share one of these images from our launch team page right here. Or even repost an image you find on Instagram when you search for #iAmBreathingEden. After you have done that, leave a comment on this post and let me know what and how you shared! I will announce the two winners of the giveaway here on the blog on Friday.

Thank you so much, beautiful sisters. This book is inspired by your hearts, so beautiful and precious to Him.

Breathing Eden with you,

jennifer signature blue watercolor

*Update: the two winners of the iTunes $40 giftcards (decided randomly, using are Karen Rogers and Rhonda Scott! Congratulations! Thank you so much for everyone’s support!

the obstacle in the way of our freedom

We lean in closer. We need to hear it again. “You are loved. I will love you outrageously all the days of your life.”

Graham Cooke declares it. He declares it with the Voice of truth singing loud and strong: “You can only love Me as much as you love yourself. So my love comes to set you free from yourself, to set you free from how you see yourself, to set you free from the smallness of your own thinking about yourself.”

Our Father comes and frees us from the smallness of our own thinking because of the abuse, the self-contempt, the despair, the shame, the pride, the fear.

Obstacle to freedom

The six of us sit in a circle around the small portable speaker placed on the ottoman in the center of the room. We are hungry, searching. We are missing God. We are tired and want to lay ourselves down.

We gather, the six of us, because the lies have come again. Silently. Stealthily. They have crept in, and we didn’t even see them. But they are tangible. They are dark. We can feel them on our skin, our minds, our hearts.

I am too much. I am not enough. I live with guilt that I am not a good mom, a good wife, a good friend. I look back and regret, wishing I could do things differently. I am afraid I will fail.

So we remind each other of Truth. We ask Holy Spirit to reveal to us the obstacle stealing our joy. We give God the obstacle and ask Him to replace it with his kindness, his love. We ask Him to increase our capacity for receiving his love.

I know what my obstacle is. It is ugly. An awful word.


I listen again: We can only love God from the love He gives. Being open to more of God’s love for us is an act of loving ourselves. And loving ourselves, through the love God gives us, helps us to love God.

But this doesn’t feel easy to do.

It can be difficult to be kind to ourselves. We resist receiving the love that God wants to give us. We resist living in the freedom of His love and truth and light.

For each of us, there is usually an obstacle to receiving God’s love. There is something in our way.

In the circle, my sisters and I speak the truth of Scripture to each other. We soak up encouragement and truth. We listen for the heart of God. We go to battle for our own hearts–and for the hearts of each other. We ask God to destroy the lies. We ask Him to take away the messages we believe that steal our joy and press heavily on our hearts.

I tell my friends that I feel the spirit of diminishment upon me, or the spirit of chaos, or the spirit of distraction and comparison and envy and self-contempt. Which one? Each an obstacle to receiving the love of God.

Again, self-contempt.

Self-contempt prompts me toward further self-diminishment. I scroll Facebook when the lights are turned off at night, torturing myself with comparison, envy, fear. Everything in the Facebook feed looks so beautiful, so perfect. I focus on what I am not, not on whom God says I am.

Self-contempt makes me feel isolated, alone. I feel removed, far away from God. Relationships suffer. I push people away–all because my heart is suffering too.

Breathing Eden - Freedom

Father, take this away from me. I give you my self-contempt. Set me free from myself. Set me free. I repent of my attitude of ingratitude, looking at what I don’t have rather than at what I have been given. 

The words playing over the speaker soften my hardened heart. These words bring me Home:  “He loves you 100% right now. He loves you 100%. Because that’s His nature. He loves all the way, all the time. His love is unchanging. What will change is your ability to receive my love.”

Yes, God, I open my heart to You. I want more of your love. I give You this obstacle. I see You moving it completely out of the way.

Sister, let us fight for our own heart. Let us join together, picking up our swords of truth, laying down the lies that steal our joy. Will you name your obstacle that is stealing your joy? We can pray for one another here.

The clock is ticking on receiving the pre-order bonuses for Breathing Eden. The watercolor print pdfs are ready to email out, and I have finished up the Breathing Eden Girlfriends’ Guide. You don’t want to miss these. Yeah, I am a little biased, but I think you’re going to love this stuff. Here’s an image showing all the other resources you might get if you pre-order and send me your receipt ( by this Monday, October 3! Get the details here.

Breathing Eden pre order gifts

when we feel weak and we’re running – how to believe we’re strong

“You are stronger than you know.”

She hears the words and wants to throw them back in his face. She wants to yell, spit, run.

“What do you know?” she thinks. “How can you tell me I am strong when I struggle to maintain a job, or look put together, or be the mother my kids need me to be?“

She can hardly believe the response, “What defines ‘success,’ my love?”

I do. I define success. My success” she tells him. And then she runs. She doesn’t want to hear him anymore.

when we feel weak and we’re running anyway - how to believe we are strong

So she runs far away, as far away as she can. Deep into the place where she’s convinced she can’t be seen. The place that is deeper and further away than any physical location on a map. It is the place in her heart, deep inside her, where she tucks herself away.

“No one. Not one person can find me here,” she insists. “Not unless I want to be found.”

And he hears her. But he doesn’t respond this time. Not in words.

Because he knows that when you’re falling you sometimes don’t want to be caught. Something in you wants to fall and feel the pain. Pain would be feeling something. Pain is what you think you deserve.

He knows.

And pain is what we feel when we hide.

We forget that God is in the business of catching us when we fall. We forget that God’s catching us doesn’t always look like we think it should.

So again, we run. We run from friendship, from encouragement, from getting help. We run from opportunities to be vulnerable, honest with people about our weakness, our inability to be strong on our own. Because that’s the real problem.when we feel weak and we’re running anyway - how to believe we are strong
When God tells us we are stronger than we know, we hear this: it is up to us to be stronger, smarter, prettier, faster, better. We struggle to accept that being strong means celebrating that we are weak. And that in us, it is God who is strong.

It is only when we surrender the lie that we need to be strong on our own that we can believe a word that Jesus says.

Jesus in us, the Holy Spirit in us, is how “we are stronger than we know.” And yes, this can be difficult for us to accept.

And God knows this. He knows we don’t like surrender.

God knows our wild, rebellious heart. He knows our prideful, stubborn tendencies.

He knows how we lean toward fighting for our own way rather than his. He knows it takes a dying to self to get us to begin again and live. Really live. He knows it is hard for us to want that—to want to die to self as the only path to receiving life.

God knows we’re not used to this upside-down, backwards kind of living. But it’s the only living that is real. It’s the life we are made for.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

If you’ve been gathering here with me for a while,  you know how I love thinking about this running of ours. I love how this is part of the story, our prayer. This running away, and to, and with God are all part of the conversation we have with Him. It is the story God loves.

Our running? It is the story God wants to be in the middle of, and redeem, and make beautiful.

when we feel weak and we’re running anyway - how to believe we are strong

What is God whispering to your heart? How are you running? Are you running with God or away from Him? How do you react when your Father whispers to you, arms open, “I am here. I am with you. I love you with a crazy all-in love. Your perceived weakness is how, in me, you are strong”?

Can you accept his promise, “You are stronger than you know?”

If you want to learn more about conversations with God–and join 40 other women in their raw, honest conversations with their Father, in the midst of running away from him, or to him, or with him, click right here.

the first step to believing we are beloved

“I am unlovable.”

It’s the whisper that feels true, more true than anything else: How can I be loved, right now, like this? How can I be considered “beloved”?

Meet Aliza.


Aliza is 25 years old. Works as a barista. Struggles to believe she has what it takes to make it in a world pushing achievement, salary, perfection. Cutting is her response. Digging into her skin—with anything she can find—the answer to her pain. How can she not try to do something to wake herself up, or do better, or at least inflict self-punishment—for her failing to not deserve love?

God has something to say to her.

Meet Lea.

unlovableLea is 38 years old, not fully healed. Emotionally scarred from being neglected, not being seen by her family when she was a little girl. She left home for a while as a teenager. That’s when the battle in her heart surfaced physically. That’s when the anorexia began. She asks God, “Why can’t I be seen?” She fears she is not worth enough to be loved.

God has something to say to her.


Meet Bella.

unlovableBella, 16 years old, scrutinizes her appearance, her personality. She decides she isn’t cool enough, smart enough, witty enough. She studies the covers of magazines, scrolls beautiful Instagram feeds. She looks for her own face there—some conviction that she is worthy, beautiful, desired, interesting, too. She decides joy and freedom is fleeting when she struggles to accept her identity. She fears God can’t possibly like her if she doesn’t even like herself.


God has something to say to her.

There is a piece of us in each of these women—these girls-now-women who struggle to believe they are lovable.

And that’s why God has something to say to each of us, too.

We can be far from believing we are beloved. Yet there is something in us that makes us restless, that gives us a glimpse of hope that these crazy beliefs of ours might not actually be true.

We can still believe, despite our past, our circumstances, that God might have a different way to view our life.

Can we listen? Do we want to hear what He has to say?

Come closer. Let’s lean in, listening to heart of our Father.

Our story is here, written in his eyes, his hands.

Come, Lord. You have begun the conversation. Help us enter in.

Sister, listen close.


How do you long to believe you are God’s beloved? What do you most hope God would say to you right now?

Do you want to join me–participate in 40 conversations God has with 40 different women? Do you want to join me in discovering our own story here, learning what God has to say to our hearts? Click here.

There are some awesome gifts for you, too

too deep for words: when we feel broken and we don’t know how to pray

Oh, God, what do I even say?

This week I wrote and recorded an audio lesson on Romans 8. I read the verses of Romans 8 over and over, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart. I wanted to dig in deep to the promises Paul shares with us. I wanted to explore how the Holy Spirit, when we don’t even know how to pray, intercedes for us. And how Jesus, at the right hand of God, communicates to our Father each word our heart longs to say.

broken - Breathing Eden Romans 8 - prayWe are being fought for, cared for, when our pain, our fear, our worries, make it difficult for us to lift our heads.

We may long for God, but we sometimes don’t know how to pray to Him. We don’t know how to articulate what is truly going on in our heart, our life. Or, we may not even recognize what barriers might exist that make it difficult for us to connect with Him. Or, we don’t even believe He is here, listening.

We need the Holy Spirit to give us words, translate our heart-needs to our Father. It is so beautiful that this is exactly what He does.

But as much as I love this truth—even though it rocks me to my core that God loves us so much that He helps us in our need, I struggled to digest this. My heart was stuck on what Paul says in the very first verse:

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.”

And I realized that, as much as I wanted to jump in and give a talk about the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit interceding for us, I had to wrestle with another truth:

It is a challenge to take in this completely crazy-amazing-beautiful truth: I deserve to be condemned but I am not.

The fact that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me is difficult for my brain, and especially my heart, to register.

It just doesn’t even sink in.

Broken and the women of Breathing Eden - prayer

And this made me think about Jacqueline.

Jacqueline - Breathing Eden - broken - prayTwenty-three years old, single, a child molestation victim. She is sent to a Christian counseling and treatment program yet doesn’t believe in God or that He can save her. She is convinced He can’t be real. After all, He didn’t save her—not once, not in all those years she was molested, in her own bed, as a child. God can’t be good, she thinks, if she apparently wasn’t loved enough by Him to be kept safe.

And it makes me think of Kate.

Kate - Breathing Eden - broken - prayForty-six years old. Angry and tormented and in pain. Kate is reeling from the violent death of a loved one, and she pushes back against God’s love. She is wounded and tormented by lies from the enemy about who she is, how she is not good enough, and that she is broken and unfixable. Kate cries out to God, feeling afraid and alone. She fears that God is not good, and that she is too broken to be loved.

These two women are fictional characters in the book Breathing Eden. But they represent real life people, real life situations. I wonder if one of these women in the book is you.

Because, what is most beautiful about these stories that seem so sad, so tragic, is that God speaks directly to the hearts of each of these women. They may doubt they know how to speak to God, or that God cares about them, or that He would ever respond. But He does.

The Holy Spirit translates our deepest prayers, our groanings too deep for words.

God gives us words.

And He speaks right back, in a language unique to us, words that are more than words—whispers of love that we are designed to understand.

That is so awesome.

God is so awesome.

My friend Dolly listened to my audio lesson on Romans 8: “Too Deep for Words: When We Don’t Know How to Pray,” and this is what she said:broken - Romans 8 - pray - Dolly LeeIn the audio lesson you will receive a teaching where I wrestle with the truth of how to pray when we just don’t know how. They are words for the broken, the ashamed, the wounded, the doubting. The are words for the sisters and the brothers who long to hear God’s voice but stumblefeel lost in how to hear, how to trust, how to let go.

I pray, as you listen to the lesson, that you are emboldened, awestruck by God’s love, encouraged.

broken - Romans 8 audio lesson - pray

I created this for you—a gift for the amazing friends who have purchased more than one copy of Breathing Eden—and I want to send it to you!

If you have purchased more than one copy,  just send me your Amazon receipt (to and let me know you bought a second copy. (If you’ve already emailed me let me know, I’ve got you covered! If you haven’t yet, send me your receipt.) I’ll be emailing out the audio lesson right away! (Here is a listing of all the gifts you get from pre-ordering.)

And I love this videoreminding us how, even though we may feel broken, the truth is that in Christ, we are whole. And God has a lot to say to us about that . . .

What is your biggest struggle, right now, in praying?

“I am overwhelmed.” Am I okay?

The dog let out a howl in his sleep this morning at 4 a.m.

Low. Weird. Totally annoying. I awoke, startled, but fell back to sleep, dreaming that our oldest, who just started high school, was attending my university alma mater’s rival school across town. No, he can’t go to school there!

Breathing Eden - overwhelmed

We are living in a cozy space this fall, displaced from our home due to a house remodel. The kids are in three different schools for the first time. There is a lot of driving now, meetings with contractors, trying to not get overwhelmed by a book launch. Oh, and Justin and I are working on another writing project together, too.

In the evenings, with our family crowded into a single room, we watch the Olympics, the TV blaring too late into the night. There have been a few nights, when I have had deadlines, that I have had to crawl into the bedroom closet, across from the bathroom, and write. Earbuds in my ears, cranking up music by Jonathan David Helser or Lauren Daigle.

This album is on repeat when I write now.

Crazy? Good? Too full, God? Can you help me keep my eyes on You?

I feel God’s closeness when I am writing–it is one of the ways I am better able to listen for Him. So, writing in the closet, upon suitcases where we have kept our clothes stored since June, has not been such a bad place to be.

But there is more for me, I know. There is more for me than work—for scouting for scraps of margin, hope of restoration, in the fringe hours.

How can I find You, God, when I am overwhelmed?

How can God speak to our hearts when we are in a busy, distracted place? Can we even hear Him then? Is it possible? What does God have to say about us feeling overwhelmed?

Three women you find in Breathing Eden-—each very different, ask God the same question.

God, help me. I am overwhelmed.

And He answers.

Breathing Eden - overwhelmed

Breathing Eden - overwhelmed - KelsieThere is Kelsie, who travels the world. She feels overwhelmed. She feels God’s nudge to go out and love people in other countries. But she questions whether she has anything to offer, especially when she can’t fix the hurt, the pain, she sees. She asks God, “How do You love this whole world? How can I do it?” She fears that she won’t be able to connect or help people so different from her in any meaningful way.

Lucy - Breathing Eden - overwhelmedThere is Lucy, a young stay-at-home mom, struggling with identity after giving up a high profile career. She is overwhelmed by this transition—wanting to do a good job taking care of her small children while being afraid that she is failing. She asks God, “Who am I? How can I do all this well?” She fears she won’t be a good mom. More than anything, she feels guilty for feeling frustrated, for not having it all together, for struggling in parenting and messing up her children somehow, due to her personal inadequacies. (Where is the instruction manual on parenting?)

Breathing Eden - Bridget - overwhelmedThere is Bridget, a single, business executive living in the big city. Bridget has a demanding job that stretches her beyond her comfort zone. She is willing to take risks, though, trusting that Jesus is with her and will equip her to do what He wants her to do. She asks Jesus, “Do You care about my work?” She fears she can’t keep up with the responsibilities, that she won’t succeed in reaching her goals.

There is a bit of me in each of these women. What about you?

Watch the video, “You are okay”:

If you have pre-ordered Breathing Eden, you have received the first five advance chapters and have heard what God says to Lucy. Would you like to hear me read aloud to you Bridget and her conversation with God?

Breathing Eden - overwhelmed

For Oasis Audio, who has put together our audiobook for Breathing Eden, I recorded some demo files of me reading the book. For those of you who have pre-ordered, I will be sending to you today the audio file of me reading to you the conversation Bridget has with God-—and His response back! The audio file also includes the Listen, Think, Trust, and Prayer exercises for Bridget’s conversation—exercises that help you respond to the story so you can have your own conversation with God.

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, don’t wait! And then make sure you email me your receipt from Amazon so you can get your free gifts. Only pre-orders will receive the gifts of the advance first five chapters, the ebook, Prayers for the Women of Breathing Eden, and the audio file of “Bridget: Behind Elevator Doors” (a story in Breathing Eden not included in the advance chapters)! (Click here to learn about all the other free gifts from pre-ordering.)

How are you feeling overwhelmed? How do you ache for God to respond to this feeling, right here, right now?

Join the Launch Team and Declare With Me #IAmBreathingEden

I am breathing Eden. Let’s declare this together, shall we?

Declaring I Am Breathing Eden

I think this is the best hashtag ever. (Okay, I admit: I am totally not impartial.)

Throughout the summer, you’ve heard me share about the release, on October 4, of my new book Breathing Eden: Conversations With God On Light, Fresh Air, and New Things via Zeal Books. You know how I believe this book can help women, in their unique life situations, hear God’s response to specific, real-life prayers. 

I want everyone who needs this book to know about it. And I would love your help.

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Interested? (I so hope so!)

Get all the details and sign up here.

Together, let’s help women declare, with their lives, #IAmBreathingEden.

This is going to be awesome, and so much fun. Thank you, sister.

Breathing Eden with you,

Any questions or thoughts about launch team stuff? I’d love to hear them!