People talk about God’s presence. People talk about His voice. Do you want to hear it, and experience it, right now?

Engaging in conversation with God is life changing. When we pursue Him and expect Him to answer back, we are never, not ever, the same. Do you desire more of God? Are you intrigued by Him? Do you want to run deeper into His arms and receive His light, fresh air, and new things?

This book is for the joy-hungry and hope-thirsty. For women who want to be challenged and inspired, encouraged and energized.

In Breathing Eden, Jennifer J. Camp shares the extraordinary conversations between forty women and God and then guides readers into experiencing God’s voice for themselves. Each conversation is followed by practical tools that help us hear God’s voice in our lives right now.

Expect to be changed. Prepare to be surprised.

Breath Eden.

Because God’s voice in our lives . . . changes everything.


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  • “The older I get, the hungrier I am to hear God’s voice. And the place I often hear it the clearest is through women who are willing to share their stories. I can’t sit close enough or long enough with these women. When my faith feels fickle, I can lean in close and catch a whisper of God again through their words. Jennifer Camp has given us the gift of letting us pull up a chair in a circle of 40 women, where we can sit down and soak up their questions and God’s answers. Wherever you feel dry or hurt or broken today, I am convinced this book has a message intended just for you.”

    Lisa-Jo Baker
    Lisa-Jo Baker Community Manager of (in)courage
  • “Not many books have captivated my heart the way this one has. What starts with women’s heartbreaking stories ends with a mantra of hope—no matter what pain you’ve endured. Even though I haven’t experienced the same circumstances as all of these women, I felt God whispering His love and comfort to my soul through their stories. Breathing Eden is a raw, glorious, and breathtaking invitation into the heart of our Father. Its stories will lead you into new revelations of God’s love, ultimately unleashing healing and hope over your life—just as it has with mine.”

    Karen Stott
    Karen Stott founder of Pursuit Community
  • “Let this tender and powerful book breathe life into you. You will be encouraged in your journey towards a deeper understanding of God’s loving presence. Oh, how we all need that!”

    Stasi Eldredge
    Stasi Eldredge author of Captivating, and New York Times bestselling author
  • “Have you ever questioned God? Have you ever struggled to believe he cares? In Breathing Eden, Jennifer J. Camp has once again done what she does so beautifully: she has given us space for our stories and our strug-gles. With honest and emotive stories of women just like you and me who are finding their way in all of life’s uncertainty, Jennifer creates space for us to ask honest questions, wrestle with our doubts, and be reminded of God’s goodness and grace.”

    Jenni Catron
    Jenni Catron author of CLOUT: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence
  • “For every woman who questions whether her story matters, or who wonders what God thinks of all she brings before His feet, hope and healing are found in these pages. Jennifer Camp whispers truth from the heart of the Father to his daughters, awakening our remembrance of life breath that was first kissed at creation. This book will transform your days as it shows how to walk in the reality of a love that shapes our identity.”

    Kristen Kill
    Kristen Kill author of Finding Selah
  • “Reading Breathing Eden was a sacred experience that moved me deeply, drawing me towards a very personal God who hears us, loves us, and never forsakes us. This book is for any woman whose life didn’t turn out the way she planned—any woman who has doubted that God hears her cry. He hears. And He responds in a deeply personal way. Read this book and encounter the gentle whisper of God.”

    Jennifer Dukes Lee
    Jennifer Dukes Lee author of The Happiness Dare
  • “If you’ve ever felt lost, alone, afraid, mixed up, or beyond the place where you believe you can hear the voice of God, this book is for you. With relatable stories and tender words, Jennifer Camp has threaded this beautiful book through and through with the love of the Father for his beloved daughters. Settle into a cozy corner and open these pages to remind yourself that you were created to walk in the garden and hear the voice of God speaking over you. Turn these pages, oh Daughters of Eve, and remember what it feels like to breathe in Eden.”

    Logan Wolfram
    Logan Wolfram author of Curious Faith
  • “Jennifer’s brave soul did more than inspire me—I heard God speak. And that makes all the difference in this pain-filled world. I am grateful for the truth she delivers in Breathing Eden—that God has spoken, and we can wildly rejoice together that He is still speaking today if we only listen!”

    Belinda Bauman
    Belinda Bauman founder of One Million Thumbprints
  • “Through storytelling that reaches into the lives of every woman, Jennifer Camp touches on many heartaches and issues women face today. But she doesn’t simply highlight the anguish—she weaves God into the narratives, showing that He is deeply concerned for us and, ultimately, connected to us. Refreshing read!”

    Mary DeMuth
    Mary DeMuth author of Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy
  • “Breathing Eden is unlike anything you’ve ever read before. It will help you to identify God’s loving voice amidst the noise of the world.”

    Shelly Miller
    Shelly Miller author of Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World


It began with hundreds of emails. Thousands of questions.  

Readers of Jennifer’s popular Loop devotional had some things they wanted to know . . .

How are we changed when our hearts are open to hearing the voice of God? How can our conversations with him affect how we view ourselves, our lives, our pasts? How do our voices connect with the Voice who made us? And how can we hear God’s voice, his truth, in the regular, ordinary moments of our lives?

The beginning of everything new . . . begins with a conversation. In Breathing Eden, we get to enter in to the conversation too.

Jennifer is the co-founder of Gather Ministries, with her husband, Justin, and is the author of Loop: What Women Need to Know. She loves listening, writing, and pointing women to Jesus. (And talking walks through mud puddles with her dog is pretty great, too.) Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with Justin and their three kids.



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