The birth of Breathing Eden – and a giveaway!

It was my friend Judy, over coffee at Cafe Borrone, who offered the first encouragement.

We sat outside, drinking lattes from porcelain mugs. We were talking about writing and story. About the hard stuff of parenting and marriage. Of being known and messing up. Of connection and isolation. Of future dreams and gratitude for the now.

Breathing Eden launch print

(Original print by artist Rachel Jacobson.)

I was in the middle of writing a series on my blog called Voice: A Journey Toward Life in 31 Conversations. And Judy said it could be more than just a series on a blog.

Here is how I described Voice to my readers on my old blog page two years ago:

“I wonder if you’re a lot like me. I wonder if you’re busy, with a calendar that is filled. I wonder if you want to live a life more fully surrendered to God but are intimidated by what a life of prayer is supposed to look like—particularly, what it may look like to have regular conversations with God.

Come participate in a back and forth conversation—a woman’s prayers and heart cries to God, and His responses back, as she listens and writes them down.

In the midst of a culture of busyness and to-do lists and trying to prove oneself and get ahead, can a busy woman’s regular conversations with God—her prayers and her listening to Him—be the key to claiming the life God has always intended for her to live?”

A journey toward life. I still like how that sounds. And when my husband, Justin, a few months later, who had heard me talk about this blog series but never knew the title of it, comes into the bedroom where I sit, laptop in my lap, and tells me he was praying and says, “I feel like God impressed upon my heart something about you writing and some project called ‘Voice.’ What is that?”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

It felt too good to be true. Too beautiful.

Breathing Eden launch giveaway

Writing a book where I ask God to inspire me to write a story of a woman whom He loves, and then to listen for what He wants to say to her in response? My whole heart sang ‘yes.’

I wanted to do this. I wanted to give voice to women who may have not yet shared their story. I wanted to see how our hearts can be encouraged, more receptive to the Holy Spirit’s life in us. I wanted God to speak directly to our hearts, through His response to the women in these conversations.

More than anything, I wanted to see each woman God would paint a picture for me to see. I wanted to meet her. Get to know her. Hear her voice. Listen to her story. I wanted to take in the emotional-crazy-beautiful stuff. The heart cries of joy and pain. The questions with no answers. The worries and beautiful wondering of how, and where, and why.

Writing this manuscript was one of the wildest, most beautiful experiences of my life so far. It was one of the most emotionally exhausting and life-giving too. What I share with you here is the beginning of a book that was once called Voice. And then was called My Charlotte. And then was given the most beautiful title: Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things.

Breathing Eden launch

Today is the release day of Breathing Eden. This book that is more than a book to me. This book that is an invitation to go deep with God in the sharing of our own story, our own struggles and victories, our own circumstances and situations that need healing. With forty different woman’s stories and God’s personal response to each one, you will find yourself offered a new perspective on how to view a situation that formerly felt confusing or unhappy or hopeless.

God’s rewriting of each story, His unique way to see, is the view we are each desperate to receive.

Would you want to join in and celebrate with me? Would you want to help me get the word out about today’s release of Breathing Eden?

To say thank you for your help in getting the word out–and to celebrate today’s release of Breathing Eden, the publisher and I are giving away two $40 iTunes gift cards. When writing Breathing Eden, there was one sound track I listened to over and over again–The Undoing, by Steffany Gretzinger. It is an album about being called to awaken by our Father. It is an album of emotion and beauty and hope. In music, it communicates, what I believe, is the heart of Breathing Eden.

To win an iTunes gift card, this is what you need to do: share Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things on your blog and/or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can share any way you like. Or download and share one of these images from our launch team page right here. Or even repost an image you find on Instagram when you search for #iAmBreathingEden. After you have done that, leave a comment on this post and let me know what and how you shared! I will announce the two winners of the giveaway here on the blog on Friday.

Thank you so much, beautiful sisters. This book is inspired by your hearts, so beautiful and precious to Him.

Breathing Eden with you,

jennifer signature blue watercolor

*Update: the two winners of the iTunes $40 giftcards (decided randomly, using are Karen Rogers and Rhonda Scott! Congratulations! Thank you so much for everyone’s support!

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  • Downloaded the image and shared on Facebook!
    Love this!! I will be praying your book gets out to millions!!

    • Hey Jennifer, I reposted the images with a message promoting the book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and I made a board solely for #breathingeden on Pinterest. I know God has blessed you thus far in bringing this book to fruition and will continue to bless the launch. He is using this project to bring healing, strength, faith, hope, and encouragement to countless lives of women. God bless you and your ministry.

    • Hi Jennifer –
      I posted to Facebook about how I got to know you ‘virtually’, and how excited I am to read your new book, along with a link to your posting.
      Best & Blessings,

    • I’m so anxious to get my book I shared everything on Facebook and no this is going to be such a wonderful experience Marilyn

    • I posted image on my FB page–thank you for sharing your story behind the book–God is definitely in it and on the move–thank you for following Him into the good works He had created for you!-kari

    • Hi Jennifer.. I have shared on Facebook.. Instagram… Twitter and pinterest… I am sure your book will be well read and a blessing to all who read it… God bless.. Vee Gloy

    • Hello Jennifer I have shared your book with the people in my world on Facebook, may this really open up doors for your book to inspire and uplift those who read it. Would like to be one of those lucky girls to have a copy. Even if I don’t I am still sheering for you.

      Yours sincerely
      Carmen Napoleon

    • My Facebook page is public ALL ABOUT JESUS, I too posted on Facebook about Loop and encouraged others to check out this book!!! I reach out even to those in Asia and Africa
      Praying this book goes Nation wide!!!!!

  • Hi, Jennifer. I just shared on my Facebook page. I just wanted to personally thank you for your obedience to God’s voice. When I receive the weekly emails, they are as if the Lord is speaking to me directly! I am excited and encouraged! Keepisode up the good work for the Lord.

  • Shared my favorite image via Instagram – @alampformyfeet
    and shared on Twitter that the book is available today! – @alampformyfeet1
    Thank you Jennifer!!! ❤️

  • Hi , I posted The ” there is so much more than this moment ” by breathing Eden / Jennifer camp on my fb wall. Thank you for the awesome book !!! ?. Can’t wait to receive my copy Tommorrow. I pre ordered ?

  • Dear Jennifer, I have happily shared your book launch on my IG page @randileanne & shared it on my Facebook page too! There are so many books I’ve been excited to read, yet this one feels different. It’s not a giddy feeling, it’s like a quiet yearning, telling me I have to read it. I love your email newsletters, there have been tears shed more often than not, in silly places too! Like the airport back in July this summer. Crying helplessly but also freely as I sat with my infant daughter and her grandma, feeling God gently asking me to take a leap of faith. Since then, I’ve kept the Breathing Eden Amazon page open on my Safari browser, reminding me to not forget about this One. And today’s the day! Thank you for this gift, to all of us. You’re an incredible writer. It gives me hope for my journey. XO – Randi Leanne

      • Thank you for your love!! Too often we are confronted with unloving interactions. Even this brief connection with you has been full of more love than I’ve received from my some of my family members since the birth of my daughter. I’m learning that love comes in all shapes & sizes, I don’t need to chase it from certain people anymore. XO

  • I download a few of the images and posted to my pintrest board. As well as the book to my book board. I also posted to facebook. You’re writings speak; it need to get out there!

  • Done! Shared on facebook and instagram. And wrote a review on amazon! Regardless of who you choose, we are all so happy to be apart of this journey!

  • Hi Jennifer!! So excited for you! And thankful that you were obedient to write this. I have just shared a picture and posted a status on my Facebook page. Every blessing to you xxx

  • I got carried away and tweeted 3 pictures! This truth is so important! Life-changing to understand the love of God! Living proof right here. God has brought my soul back to life through this!

  • Loop emails are truly a blessing; affirmations, and confirmations of a perfect love God has for me — thank you for being an obedient vessel, sharing that love with us! I’ve tweeted (@heyteka) about Breathing Eden 🙂 So excited for all God has planned for you!

  • Yes!! I love the opportunity to bless other women and encourage them with what books to read, social media “who” followings and networking events, so I shared on Instagram and Facebook! Continued blessings sister in Christ!

  • Can’t wait for my copy in the mail! Shared with lots of friends already, and I shared on my facebook this morning!

  • Hi! I just shared it on my Pinterest, I am greatly looking forward to reading Breathing Eden and thank you for all your time and dedication to fulfilling God’s work as he placed it in your heart.

  • Hello Jennifer! i posted your book on my Pinterest page, and i will be asking for you book. 😉 I pray you have a wonderful journey with this book. And through you, people everywhere will see Jesus. ❤️

  • Congratulations, Jennifer! Today is a remarkable day to celebrate, reflect and give thanks. I feel so blessed to have come to know your work through the Loop and then to find more treasure in Breathing Eden. I’m so excited about the journey God has called you on and to see the delights of His heart that He shares with you. Thank you for taking this call and sharing it with the world! You are an inspiration and a blessing to us all!

  • I shared two different posts about the book on Facebook. One with the Amazon address so the could order it and the second one was where you were telling about women sharing their story about depression because there are many women out there that suffer from it

  • So excited for today, the day Breathing Eden can be shared with the world! Thank you Jennifer for this opportunity. I will forever be thankful and grateful.

    Shared an instagram and Facebook and tweeter ?

  • I shared on my IG dulce38 . No need to enter me in the giveaway , you have given enough already ! Thank you for the opportunity to be on the review team Jennifer. May The Almighty God continue to Bless you and use you to spread his words.

  • Congratulations today on the release of Breathing Eden! You are in my prayers today! ❤

    I shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 🙂

    Thank you again, for allowing me to be a part of this amazing launch team! It has been a true blessing! ❤

  • I am from South Africa and have shared it on Facebook.
    THanks for this light, refreshing but yet live giving words and phrases. It gives hope.

  • I’m honored to be able share this book with anyone I can. I tweet it, Instagram it and Facebook whenever possible!

  • The title of your book is so intriguing. I look forward to reading it. Happy launch day. May God bless you and those who read.

  • Shared on my personal FB page with a comment promoting book and on my public page #Love&LightforWomen

  • I look forward to reading this! Shared on my instagram and facebook, tagged you and hashtagged! God bless! You’re future is so very bright 🙂

  • I just shared about your newly released book on Facebook, both on my personal and my blog pages. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to read this book, as well as your Loop devotional emails. Often they have been just what I imagine God to be speaking to me for the moment.

  • Just posted on facebook and twitter…your images came at a time I needed this reminder…I’m at a low, experiencing a real crisis of faith. Never felt like this before, probably because I never allowed myself to. But I am simply “taking one breath at a time” and allowing myself to just BE – and allowing God to do the same…Thank you for this….

  • I posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! But most important! I’m so excited I got my book today!!! Can’t wait to start reading!! I know God always lays something very special on your heart and this book will not be any different! God bless you my friend!!

  • I shared using the green photo provided by your team ” I have always loved you” with the following quote:Breathing Eden women’s devotional available now on Amazon, it will change everything you thought about a devotional book!????????????❤️❤️❤️#iambreathingeden#daughteroftheking?
    This is shared on Facebook and Instagram!
    Thank you Jennifer and team for sharing your gift with all of us!
    Many Blessings,

  • Shared on Twitter and Instagram! This is one of the best books I’ve read all year! I want everyone to read it! Congrats!

  • I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful experience really looking forward and waiting with great anticipation for God’s move in your life as you continue to inspire others
    Thank you.

  • I shared a pic on my Instagram and Facebook captioning this…
    “I found this writer on one of my devos. When I read her stories and how she talks about God I’m overcome in a way that I can’t even explain. Like God is truly talking to me..looking right at me. I feel him. It’s so beautiful. I thank her and I support her. Check out her book! ❤️”
    I don’t care to win. And I don’t think my post or any of our post need to be shared because I know God will get you where you ought to be and help sell this book, you’re amazing. But I shared to help someone like you helped me. I truely thank you. God bless ,Kenzie Choates

  • I shared on Facebook. Not to just win anything, but because I feel connected to your book Breathing Eden. It truly touched me. Thank you for the privelge of letting me be a part of your launch team. I know your book Jennifer will be a huge success. Love in Christ, Marian

  • Hi, Shared on facebook, twitter , and google+. God bless you for the release of this project which will touch the hearts of many just like me.

  • Hi Jennifer,
    I tweeted the image/quote that True Strength is Surrendered Pride. Months ago, when I pre-ordered my books I scheduled our Breathing Eden Girls Getaway for THIS weekend! Thankful for your suggestion to contact Amazon and upgrade to 3-Day shipping because they arrive Thursday and I’ll hit the road right afterwards to meet my College Freshman roommates (from 30 years ago!). Journals, printed guides, and coloring pencils READY!! 🙂 Next – Download music! God Bless You!

  • Left this on Facebook: This amazing book has officially launched! – it has taught me so much about this tender loving Father whom we can all know and call Lord. Thank you Jennifer J. Camp for sharing what He has gifted you with! #IAmBreathingEden
    Left this on Pinterest: #Iambreathingeden A MUST read if you want to be encouraged in your walk, and be an encouragement to others ♥
    Posted on Twitter too.
    AND I’m leaving a great review on Amazon!
    Praying that God will be glorified in each of our blessings and heartaches…and everything in between.
    Thank you, Jenn, for being vulnerable <3 Much love to you, sister of ours!

  • Thank you so much for this opportunity! I look forward to reading your book. In some ways I’m scared too, as it sounds so personal, and in so many ways I’m sure I can relate, if that makes any sense?!
    Bless you for your vulnerability! ?

  • I just shared this post on my FaceBook page!! I’m so looking forward to reading your book! ?

  • Just shared on Facebook. God bless you and all the men and women of the world. Blessings to all ??????

  • Hello, I just post on my instagram
    a few pictures 🙂 praying this book fill every heart with what God wants to do in our lives!

  • Congratulations Dear Jennifer……faithful one. So excited for how the Lord will use Breathing Eden to heal & change hearts, mine included!! Added a post to my FB page & encouraged everyone to join in the reading!
    May you be blessed beyond measure ~
    ? Ginny

  • Shared on Facebook. Thank you for being faithful and following God’s direction – it is encouraging to others across borders and around the world.

  • I downloaded all of the images. I shared the one about true strength is surrending pride on FB. I encouraged friends to check out your site and the book. I’ll be sharing the some of the other images this week. The Undoing has easily become one of my very favorite albums on my Pandora station. ? And it is probably what wrecks me the most as I’m reading Breathing Eden! ? I love when he works out tiny details that way!!

  • I am loving this book thank you for writing it.

    I downloaded a picture and posted on Facebook

  • I shared on Instagram @rickandlisabristol.
    LOVE your devotionals, share often with my daughter and daughter-in-loves.

  • I don’t do Facebook but I sent out the blog address and book info via email. This has been an amazing, transformational book for me…and it came at a time when I needed it most. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…” Jer 29:11

  • I shared on Facebook and I’m downloading some images… They really speak to me. I pray for the purposes of this book.
    Thanks :*

  • My mother was the one who told me about your emails. She would forward it on facebook or on whatsapp and the message was always one that I really needed at that moment or something that I could relate to. So when I heard about your book I didn’t even think twice I just had to pre- order it.. I am so happy that I did and I felt like I had to spread the word on where this book could be found. Given that I have so many strong women that follow me on Instagram I felt like that would be the best place to share the info. Thank you so much for all that you have done. It is truly appreciated.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed day!


  • Jennifer,

    posted the Amazon link to my Facebook page and pinned several of the images from the launch page to two Pinterest boards. Thank you for this great opportunity!!

    Denise Mitchell

  • Jennifer, I absolutely love my emails and I look forward to digging into them every time.
    I shared the link on Facebook. I also shared it with the ladies in my office. God bless you for what you do for your sisters in Christ!!!!

  • I shared the following on Facebook together with the image that says “Keep running to Me …..”
    I can’t wait to Breath Eden – pre ordered Jennifer J Camp’s book in June. Launched yesterday go and have a look. ……. Really worth it. #IAmBreathingEden
    Blessings for success beyond your wildest dreams Jennifer ??

  • I have shared images and posts on Facebook & Instagram regarding Breathing Eden since receiving my copy & becoming a part of the Launch Team, and will continue to do so! I believe in inspiring others & hope to lead someone to read your book and have it impact their life! Bringing the book to work with me has lead co-workers to want copy! I look forward in anticipation to personal growth & the growth of others! You did a great thing in sharing these stories & expanding upon what they can teach us & how we can move forward & allow God to touch our lives!

  • I posted this to my IG and shared a link on my Facebook. I am also adding that album to my Spotify playlist. I have loved pretty much everything that I’ve heard from Bethel and their family of artists. Plus I needed music. I listened to Amanda Cook’s album non-stop through the summer.

  • Hi Jennifer I downloaded a image and shared on Facebook. Once again thank you for the book I was truly blessed in reading it.

  • Hello Jennifer,
    I tweeted one of the quotes on twitter, and shared one of the images, I think. I’m not very familiar with Twitter. I did also share on facebook, which is where I do my online socializing. God bless you!

  • I shared the image on Fb- the one that says when you are sad and overwhelmed, come to me and I’ll give you the strength you need for that day. Oh my, I need to keep that as a constant reminder for me! I just need His strength to make it thru each day! And literally while typing this, I just had a friend come over and ask about Breathing Eden and the photo I shared! I told her how amazing it was and she is going to go order it!! Yay!!! So awesome!

  • I posted on Facebook not because of the give away, as I don’t need it or desire it. I don’t even have an Iphone, but I am sure I could find use for it. My reason for sharing is that I truly beleive your book could really help bring some healing or possibly even bring some longing soul to God’s love. Some and too many people in this world do not know love of any kind. To trust is hard, and taking a leap of faith into a love that is so great even those that know love have a hard time concepting is very hard. I hope my sharing might help someone take that leap.

    God bless you! And thanks so much for caring enough to share.

  • Jennifer, it has been a blessing to be part of your launch team. Praying for this book to impact many lives!! Here’s what I posted on FB today with a link to your book on Amazon :
    Jennifer Camp’s book Breathing Eden released this week. I was blessed to get to know her about two months ago (virtually) as part of her launch team. She has such a sweet sweet spirit and a desire to serve God with her written words. I pray that God blesses her efforts in a special way.

  • Jennifer, I have read through the 2nd story and conversation in Breathing Eden. So far, there is not a point that does not connect with me. The response for the 2nd story, the empty nest story, hit hard; a lack of love. Hearing how much God loves me is still pretty foreign. It is an act of discipline on my part to pick up Breathing Eden each morning and read to the end of each story/conversation. I am grateful for the response that was given and I am asking that God’s love for me will pierce me through. Amen.