Laundry I need to fold is piled by the side of my bed. The alarm vibrates near the pillow. Behind the shades the sky is dark, a mystery yet whether the sky will be grey or bright blue. Bare feet search for the wood floor, a place safe to stand up without toppling the small mountain of socks, t-shirts, leggings. And then Fulton, from his sleeping nook at the foot of our bed, is banging his tail against the floor. Yes, it’s time to rise.

Let Shine Shine in

Justin is heating the kettle for his cold-brewed Americano. He takes his mug into the front room and reads. I walk around the dark house and open the shutters, let out the dog. I turn off the front porch light, the outside still dark. I turn on one light in the kitchen, welcoming light to shine in gentle–a blanket quiet, expectant, sure.

Perhaps this day is full of promise. Perhaps it is awake and alive and waiting for me to jump on in.

We are in a state of waiting, of looking and seeking, of watching God do amazing, beautiful things–granting gifts we don’t deserve. I have written a book, and we are negotiating a contract with a publisher. Justin has written a book, and he is working with an editor and publisher. The house is in disarray, books from my daughter’s bedroom piled on the dining table as we move the books we love most out of our little house and into the writing studio. Things are topsy-turvy and crazy and good.

And I pause.

All potential good work is nothing when we miss time with God. Anything good is because of Him.

Any work we do, any gift we are given, any relationship or conversation we experience is hollow unless we see our Father in it.

Jesus, Help me let you inHe lets us seek him or forget him. He lets us desire him or reject him. He lets us listen for him or ignore him.

It is common for us to hear the phrase, tossed around like a kite we cling to, as if it is about to fly away unless we grasp the string tight, with clasped hands . . . life is filled, life is busy, life is crazy.

So, please God, help us choose you. Help us seek you. Help us slow.

Show us what changes we need to make so you aren’t crowded out. Soften our hearts so we recognize how we miss you. Break us wide open so we are desperate for you. Keep us raw and unguarded, rising our heads this day to seek your eyes. You see us. You are looking into us. You are our light and our hope, our joy and our delight.

All is nothing without you. This day, in the mess, the uncertainty, the good and the scary, the joy and the pain, come, Father. You are all we need.

We lean up now, our ears pressed up against your chest.

Let the light shine in now, Father. Come on in, now. Shine on in.

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    I needed this today. I know you didn’t write it today – but God’s timing is perfect anyway. I’m lacking motivation on this Monday that opens a normal week after a weird week that involved my kids only going to school two days because of MLK Day and snow. WE LOVED OUR SNOW DAYS. My husband was home. The kids were home. We ate and played and laughed and rested … it was so good. There’s something about unplanned free time that is sweeter than when we carve it into our days. But your post here reminds me God’s got his hand in it all – the daily tasks, the schedules that get shuffled, the relationships, the meals around the table. And that gives me a little more motivation that what I’m doing today around the house matters. I’ve missed reading your words, but I’m excited about what God’s doing in your life and ministry.

  • Jennifer Camp

    Dear Kristin, I’ve missed connecting with you. And it is so good for my heart to read your words. Thank you for the sweetness, as you remind me, of trusting the gift He gives of surrender. I needed this. Bless you, dear friend.

  • Ginny

    I’ve been having a hard time lately finding the ears that usually hear God all the time. My plate is full, though that sums up my life. From one struggle to another. God has always been there. I’ve been a follower of Jesus since I was a little girl. Right now my husband is having heart and lung trouble. He gave up and no longer wanted to go on, I told him the only way I will be OK with that is if you can tell me you surrender your all to God. He replies your going to convert me aren’t you? Only you can. Well he is better but hasn’t given his heart to God we’ve been married for 35 years I want to share God with him so much! If I could have anything in the world that be my prayer to be answered. I have been praying for 35 yrs if you could add this to your prayer list. But lately when I pray I just don’t feel the closeness that I felt in the past. My prayers have always been emotional, I cried tears even happy or sad. I just don’t feel like the emotional part is there. My love for God has not changed. My worship is more. I read his word more. Why do I feel disconnected? Can anyone help me with the answer.

    • Jennifer Camp

      Dear Ginny,

      I am so glad you reached out. I love connecting with you here. And I know all about that uncomfortable feeling of knowing what it is like to feel close to God and to then feel distant from Him somehow. The beautiful thing is that you miss Him, that you want his closeness. You can trust He has you, dear one, even if this season right now feels news and isolating. I am praying now sister, for your hope and joy in Him to be renewed! I pray for Him to fill your home and bring light and restoration. And I pray now for your husband–that Jesus keeps pursuing him and that you are filled with our Father’s peace.

      Have you seen the new prayer group that opened up for sisters to pray together? Here is the link:

      Bless you.

  • Ginny

    Thank you God Bless! I am happy to a part of this amazing way to reach out to someone. The things you connected me with through this loop is awesome!

    • Jennifer Camp

      Ginny, I am so grateful for you here! I love that we get to listen for His voice together! Bless you!

  • Rachel Wilson

    Blessed by this today! Thank you!

    • Jennifer Camp

      I am so thrilled, Rachel! Thank you so much for meeting me here!

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