[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]T[/su_dropcap]he day can feel heavy, a weight we carry. It is the expectation to not expect anything good. But we push through.

Fight Monday Morning

We push through because we remember these days are not supposed to be easy.

We push through because in the difficulty, the doubt, we choose to remember we are not alone.

We choose to remember the God of Joshua, who went before and conquered armies and fulfilled every promise.

We choose to remember the God of Eve and Adam in the garden, who walked with his daughter and son and delighted in being with them.

We choose to remember the God of Moses and Elijah, who calls each of us by name.

We choose to remember the God of Moses who called forth his son to bring rescue of his children, with a strength not his own.

We choose to remember the God who felt his garment touched by a daughter bleeding and desperate, the God who healed her and washed her clean.

We choose to remember the God who let his sister wash his feet with her hair, who welcomed sinners to his company and did not turn away when we were in darkness.

We choose to remember the God who fills us with light, who grabs hold of our hand now and says, “Look, look, daughter. My eyes are on you. I am with you. You can push into this day, with Me, for I am with you. This day may not be easy. This day may not be what you expected, or wanted, or dreamed. But that’s okay, for I dream for you. And it’s okay that you don’t feel strong or confident this day, for I am confident for you.

Look to Me, my darling, for I am strong enough to carry you. Choose Me. Choose to see Me. Choose to push through trials and push through discomfort and push through uncertainty, for I am the strong and sure and confident and present one.

You don’t even have to feel my closeness to know, with confidence, that I am close. You don’t even have to hear my voice yet to know that I speak. You don’t have to doubt my love for you, for I am coming to heal you of all doubt and worry.

But choose to see Me. Choose to remember where I have been and believe there is good coming.

There is good here. I am here, child. I am here.”

How to Fight on Monday Morning

What can you add here? What about our God do you choose to remember? How is He coming for you now?


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  • Roseanne Schopfer

    Lovely. Lord BLESS you. Please add me to your prayers for God’s peace, to improve my emotional and physical being, today is Wednesday. March 16, 2016. Thanks! Xo

    • Jennifer Camp

      Hi Roseanne, How wonderful to see you here. Praying for you now, sister. Love, Jennifer

  • barbara

    Thank you so much for reading how to get through Mondays so medays I need to be reminded of God’s His desires for me.

    • Jennifer Camp

      Hi Barbara, I am so glad you’re here! Yes, I need these reminders too! Bless you, sister!

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