Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things

Breathing Eden cover

For every woman who questions whether her story matters, or who wonders what God thinks of all she brings before His feet, hope and healing are found in these pages. Jennifer Camp whispers the heart of the Father to his daughters, awakening our remembrance of life breath first kissed at creation, and transforming the course of our days to come as we walk in the reality of a love that shapes our identity. –Kristen Kill, author of Finding Selah

If you’ve ever felt lost, alone, afraid, mixed up, or beyond the place where you believe you can hear the voice of God, this book is for you. With relatable stories and tender words, Jennifer Camp has threaded this beautiful book through and through with the love of the Father for his beloved daughters. Settle into a cozy corner and open these pages to remind yourself that you were created to walk in the garden and hear the voice of God speaking over you. Turn these pages, oh Daughters of Eve, and remember what it feels like to breathe in Eden. –Logan Wolfram, Speaker, and author of Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility

Jennifer’s brave soul did more than inspire me I heard God speak. And that makes all the difference in this pain-filled world. I am grateful for the truth she delivers in Breathing Eden that God has spoken, and we can wildly rejoice together that He is still speaking today if we only listen! –Belinda Bauman, founder of One Million Thumbprints


Loop Advent

Do you wonder how God thinks of Advent?Loop Advent book

Do you wonder what He would say if we asked Him how we should celebrate, how we should prepare our hearts, how we can be present with Jesus in this busy season?

Loop Advent invites us into God’s part of the conversation when we ask Him these questions: What is Advent? What gets in the way of us celebrating and participating in it? How can we look for You, God? How can we find You? How do we celebrate Your coming in a culture that wants to rob us of peace, hope, joy? What is unique about this particular Advent season for us? How can we trust that we are part of the story You are writing in our heart, this Advent season, right now?

Readers of Loop: What Women Need to Know, the email devotional sent to inboxes and social media feeds of over 100,000 busy women every week, will be encouraged by God’s specific responses to how we can be present with Him this Christmas. Loop Advent is comprised of four letters to women—one devotional for each of the four weeks of Advent. In addition, four unique 8 x 10 prints, one for each week, are included for you to print out and hang up in your home.

Spend time this Advent soaking in God’s whispers of encouragement, love, and surprise. Read Loop Advent.

Loop: What Women Need to Know (Audiobook and Hardcover)

“Loop is just beautiful–a rich, inviting collection of love letters from our Father in heaven to his daughters on earth.” ~ Shauna Niequist, author of Bread and Wine

“Reminiscent of Jesus Calling, Loop beckons us into the heart of the Father.” ~ Emily Wierenga, author of Atlas Girl

“Jennifer’s words always bring me home to who I am in Him. And it’s a gift.” ~ Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood

“This beautiful devotional is like a whisper from God straight to our hearts.” ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol

“These are deep and startling pages, just what our souls need.” ~ Nancy Ortberg, author of Looking for God

We women are busy. Busy trying hard. Busy working to do things right. What would it be like if we heard words, just for us, reminding us what is most true about our identities, about our life, about God? Would life be different then? Would we be different? Can you imagine?

Loop is a one year, twice-a-week, Christian devotional for busy women. It is a collection of whispers to women, encouraging them to lead lives that are less “filled” with things to do and check lists to complete and more “full” of love from God.

Loop is for women who are busy. Women who are weary. Women who are lost. Women who are finally ready to lay down their burdens. Women who are eager to abandon the lies they’ve been believing-about God, about themselves, about how they are made and what they are designed to do.

Loop is written for you.



Begin ebookBegin (ebook) | Begin (paperback)

Begin is a book of prayers, specifically for women. Raw, authentic, true . . . Begin is a book of prayers for women–eight authentic, heart-poured out prayers inviting women to not hide but reveal their true selves, their true hearts, to God, despite their weariness, their wounds, their dreams, their pain. Each prayer of Begin is framed by the colorful, strikingly beautiful image of a door to be opened, a place in her heart where God wants to be invited in. Here are prayers of surrender, trust, authenticity, confession, God’s sovereignty, weariness of the world, desire for community, pleas for mercy and hope and new life.




Soul Bare 3D cover

Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption

Description from Amazon: “Honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. You want to be a person who reflects these qualities. But sometimes it’s just hard to reveal your deepest hardships and struggles. How are Christians supposed to have hope and experience wholeness amidst personal challenges and failures? The women and men of Soul Bare not only intimately understand the risks of exposure, but they are also willing to share their most poignant and painful moments with you. Soul Bare features contributions from the best of today’s influential young writers.” You will find Jennifer’s essay, “Cold Hard Ground” in part 1.

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