Thanks for coming by here. To me, this is no small thing.

I’m Jennifer, author of Breathing Eden: On Light, Fresh Air, and New Things, and Loop: What Women Need to Know and co-founder of Gather Ministries, a non-profit ministry for busy women and men whose lives are filled but not full. Our mission is simple: to teach, equip, and encourage women and men to come alive to identity, community, and adventure with God. And here, in my little place here, I invite you to grope along with me for God.

I know all about being busy and overwhelmed. I know all about messing up, hurting people close to me due to pride and selfishness. I know all about being resistant to surrender and fearful about what is coming around the corner. I know all about being wounded and filled with shame. I know all about regret and wishing I could do so many things differently, if given the chance.

But I’m realizing something. I have been given another chance. And you have, too. Today, we get to experience God, seeking His strength claiming freedom in choosing to focus on Him, each day, one choice at a time. I want to do that. And I bet, here, we can encourage each other to do this.

Don’t you?

What you can expect here: posts about the real-life struggle of surrendering my will to God. This is the wrestling for God, the good stuff, the vulnerable I’m-not-going-to-hide-anymore-from-you-God because I am tired of doing things on my own kind of living.  I’ll also be interviewing women I admire and respect,women who inspire me to look to God. I have questions for them about what it means to worship,what it means to listen for God’s voice, and the role of imagination in living a life of freedom and joy.

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Where I live:

I live in the Bay Area of Northern California, with my husband, Justin, our three kids, and our very insecure dog — a family that the Father uses to stretch me beyond myself, my selfishness, my self-centeredness and pride.

I am so grateful to be sharing in this adventure with you. Come on over to Gather Ministries, where you’ll hear about the other things we’re up to.

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Speaking My Mind

One of my favorite things to do is write Loop, a twice-a-week email devotional. You can find more about Loop and download my eBook, Begin, for free, right here. Click here to find me at Gather.

I love writing, but I also love sharing with groups of women, face to face. Send me a note if you’d like me to come and speak with your group or at your event.

 Other fun places to connect:

Facebook: Like the community page and we’ll hang out a few times a day, almost every day, every week.

Twitter: JenniferJCamp

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Other Randomness About Jennifer

I love Twizzlers. (Yes, even though they taste like plastic.)

I am only still “Jenny” to my nieces and nephews, which is precious to me. . . but they’re the only ones whom I can tolerate calling me that.

When I was little, my dream was to be Super-Star Barbie. (A Superstar that sang Disney songs from records and the Annie movie soundtrack, of course.)

In high school my nick-name was Rainbow Brite. (Yes to green-pegged pants, yellow leather shoes with cut-outs, slouchy shirts and purple scarves . . . Or maybe not?)

I met Jesus underneath an almond tree when I was sixteen. But I didn’t realize I did until two decades later.

Parenting and marriage brought to the forefront how selfish and self-absorbed, without God, I really am.

I spent most of my life pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Now, I only want to spend my life claiming to be who God says I really am.

I think our imagination is one of the most beautiful–and most underutilized–gifts from God.

My favorite thing to draw, when I was eight years old, was a girl with long brown braids in a blue dress climbing up a tree to slide down a rainbow upon green grassy lawn. (My hair was short, and light-brown  . . . but oh, I was the girl who liked to climb and run.)

Playing king-of-the-mountain in the compost pile? Yes, those were glory days, my childhood.

My favorite words right now: invitation, awaken, gather, adventure, imagine, grace, go, and surrender. (I bet you’ll see me writing about those words all the time here. I just can’t resist.)

I hope to learn about you, and I want you to know you can email me at any time: jennifer(at)gatherministries(dot)com.

So grateful to be listening here with you,

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